how does the pieta reflect the renaissance
Michelangelo’s talent in carving drapery is matched by his handling of the human forms in the Christ and the Virgin, both of whom retain a sweet tenderness despite the very tragic nature of this scene. The Pieta is the only work ever signed by Michelangelo and it is said that Michelangelo later regretted his impulsiveness, swearing never again to put his name to another one of his works. We’re also on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flipboard. The sculptor actually produced several different sculptures relating to the same topic, namely Florentine Pieta or The Deposition, the Rondanini Pieta and the Palestrina Pieta. Michelangelo was a thoughtful, considered artist who also held great confidence in his own ideas, which meant he was happy to go his own way on any established theme within his different sculptures and frescos. Throughout the ages, the Pieta has not only withstood the test of time but has become even more famous despite the damages the statue has endured. In 1497, a young Michelangelo was commissioned by French Cardinal Jean de Bilheres Lagraulas to create “the most beautiful work of marble in Rome, one that no living artist could better”, for the cardinal’s future tomb in Old St. Peter’s Basilica. ( Log Out /  During the High Renaissance (1490-1527), artists in Italy began to reject the unrealistic forms found in figurative Medieval art in favor of a more naturalistic approach. What makes Michelangelo’s sculpture of the Pieta so arresting is the presentation of the voluminous folds in the Virgin Mary’s clothing that envelope her from head to foot. Michelangelo deliberately made his Pieta disproportionate in size in order to address the physical challenges created by a woman having to cradle the body of a full-grown man. He was particularly renowned for his ability to paint and sculpt biblical figures with realistic anatomical features, culminating in commissions from Rome's religious elite. Few will argue that Michelangelo not only rose to the Cardinal’s challenge with the Pieta but also managed to surpass it. The Pietà perfectly reflects these Renaissance ideals. The best known of these frescos is of course at the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture was created entirely in Marble, which was also what he used to create David and several other key sculptures. The artist was clearly delighted with the final piece and went to the length of signing it, which was the first and only time he did so. Michelangelo was deeply religious and the Pieta is an expressive piece that was clearly inspired by his deep and abiding faith. They reflect the Renaissance values of humanistic exaltation, as well as the transcendence of body, mind, and spirit. The most alluring aspect of the Pieta is the extraordinary affiliation that Michelangelo has constructed between the Virgin Mother and her dead Son. During the High Renaissance (1490-1527), artists in Italy began to reject the unrealistic forms found in figurative Medieval art in favor of a more naturalistic approach. As this was the only work Michelangelo ever signed, once the other artists started looking at the Pieta because of its greatness, Michelangelo’s fame started to spread. ( Log Out /  This development was driven by the fierce competition which existed between different families and provinces across the then-divided country. While it is said that Michelangelo’s intricate treatment of the vestments worn by his subjects give the Pieta texture and substance, it is nevertheless his masterful ability to render emotion from the cold marble that give the sculpture its breath of life. Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture was somewhat different in approach to how other artists of that time had done it, both with sculptures and also paintings. ( Log Out /  Pieta features a normal pyramid construction with Mary's head deliberately placed at the top and centre of the of the piece, with her expression perhaps being the main centerpiece of the sculpture, as she looks on at Christ. It’s covered by the cloth from her cloak, signifying the sanctity of Christ’s body. In a sitting position, the Virgin Mary’s head is quite small while her torso, draped in dress and a cloak, appears larger. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. According to the bible, Jesus was crucified for claiming to be the son of God. The restoration took ten months to complete in which bits and pieces of broken marble were painstakingly identified and subsequently affixed to the Pieta using invisible glue and marble powder. Michelangelo sculpted the Pieta from a single block of Carrara marble, which he claimed was the most perfect block of marble he had ever worked with. A Detailed Look at Bernini’s Most Dramatically Lifelike Marble Sculpture, This Armless Sculpture Is One of the Louvre’s Most Treasured Masterpieces, The Mysterious History of the Marble ‘Venus de Milo’ Statue. © 2020. The resulting work – the Pieta – would be so successful that it helped launch Michelangelo’s career unlike any previous work he had done. At the forefront of this trend, Michelangelo crafted sculptures that focused on balance, detail, and a lifelike yet idealized approach to the human form. In fact, it is Michelangelo’s painstaking attention to detail and the unique treatment of the hair, the skin and the fabric on each figure that give the Pieta texture and substance. MICHELANGELO Michelangelo is widely considered the greatest artistic genius that ever lived — a man whose name has become synonymous with the word “masterpiece.” He was born Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni at Caprese, Italy and grew up in Florence, home of the Italian High Renaissance. As well as Pieta, Michelangelo also created David too.


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