how did iqbal masih die

Although, illiterate, when he escaped from the factor, Iqbal was a bright child, mastering five years of schooling in less than three. At the age of four, Iqbal Masih had been offered to a carpet manufacturer as collateral for a loan of about $16. By 1986 an older son of Saif Masih was about to get married.

Over the years, Iqbal's family borrowed even more money from the employer, which was added to the amount of money Iqbal had to work off. Frightened and perhaps high on drugs, the man shot at the boys, not intending to specifically kill Iqbal. This was a very dangerous expedition, but the information he gathered helped close down the factory and free hundreds of children.

Iqbal Masih was born in Muridke, a small, rural village outside of Lahore in Pakistan.Shortly after Iqbal's birth, his father, Saif Masih, abandoned the family. "They threatened us not to even think of leaving," he said in the ABC interview. MoralHeroes is an archive of inspirational men, women, and youth throughout history that have sacrificed for the betterment of others socially, physically, politically, economically, or environmentally. Tahir Ikram, a Pakistani reported, filed the story to the Reuters but was ignored by global media. Iqbal's mother, Inayat, worked as a housecleaner but found it difficult to make enough money to feed all her children from her small income. The first time he headed straight for a police station, thinking he would be offered protection, and was promptly returned to his owner. In late 1994, a twelve-year old boy whose stunted body size and weigh made him look half his age appeared on ABC World News to describe his years as a virtual slave in Pakistan. Despite the official report, most everyone believes that Iqbal Masih was assassinated by an agent of the Carpet Manufacturer Mafia who already held influence over the police and that Ashraf Hero was framed for the murder. One organization, Free the Children was started by a Canadian youth named Craig Kielburger who had heard about Iqbal’s story and wanted to help make a difference. The BLLF sent him to speak at businesses and demonstrations all over Pakistan where bonded slavery was known to exist.

At the time of his death, Iqbal was an internationally known child activist. When photos of malnourished children chained to looms were released, public outcry forced the police to close the place down. When others were asked to speak before the crowd Iqbal volunteered. This system of peshgi (loans) is inherently inequitable; the employer has all the power. If the children started to daydream, a guard might hit them or they might cut their own hands with the sharp tools they used to cut the thread.

Why the person who was having sex with a donkey killed only Iqbal-- not the two other relatives-- led the media not to believe the donkey story. Punishment included severe beatings, being chained to their loom, extended periods of isolation in a dark closet, and being hung upside down.

This Child has freed 3000 kids and brought down Pakistan's Carpet Industry by $37 million in just under one year. His family was financially burdened, and his father Saif Masih decided to leave when Iqbal was young.

Jennifer Rosenberg is a historian and writer who specializes in 20th-century history. On the way, the boys stumbled upon someone who shot at them with a shotgun. Iqbal ran away from the factory twice. But he was not really an adult. Iqbal died immediately. Biography of William Blake, English Poet and Artist, Types of Enslavement in Africa and the World Today, The Orphan Train Movement in the United States, Biography of Atlanta Mass Murderer Mark Orrin Barton, Biography of Eva Perón, First Lady of Argentina, Samuel Gompers Biography: From Cigar Roller to Labor Union Hero, Profile of Andrei Chikatilo, Serial Killer, Haym Salomon, Spy and Financier of the American Revolution, Elizabeth Key and Her History-Changing Lawsuit, B.A., History, University of California at Davis. In the mid-1990’s, a bright young youth made a global impact on child slavery. Unfortunately, the police officer was more willing to receive the “finder’s fee” for escaped slaves and returned Iqbal to Arshad, Iqbal’s owner. How did Iqbal Masih escape? With his powerful personality, he educated the slave laborers and encouraged them to escape.

Without being asked or consulted, Iqbal was sold into bondage by his family. He worked from early morning until evening and was often treated badly. However, when their debt went unpaid for two years she was forced to “loan” Iqbal as a laborer to pay off the debt. Only two light bulbs dangled above the young children. He spent his earliest years playing in the fields until he was ready to help his family by going to work. Iqbal became a debt slave at an early age, for the owner of a carpet factory who then sold him on.
Once free, Iqbal was sent to a BLLF school in Lahore. Everywhere he went he inspired others (especially children) to become involved in the mission to end child slavery. For all this, Iqbal was paid 60 rupees (about 20 cents) a day after his apprenticeship had ended. He attended the Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) School for former child slaves and quickly completed a four-year education in only two years.

Iqbal was around 5 or 6 when he started working in the carpet factory. On Palm Sunday, (the 16th of April, 1995) Iqbal was assassinated after being shot in the back with a 12 gauge shotgun. He would spend his last few months of life attending school in hopes of becoming a lawyer to fight on behalf of bonded laborers.
The official police report claims that it was an accidental firing by a local farmer named Ashraf Hero. Focused on helping other children become free, Iqbal ignored the letters.

It was a moment that stunned viewers. Risking life and limbs, Iqbal led the BLLF to the factor where he had worked. Iqbal Masih was born in Muridke, a small, rural village outside of Lahore in Pakistan. Answer. After wandering countryside for a few days, Iqbal eventually met a representative of the Bond Labor Liberation Front (BLLF), an activist organization seeking to end the enslavement endured by over twenty million adults and nearly eight million children in Pakistan.

"Iqbal Masih did not have enemies -- he did not become a target of the carpet mafia," Ashraf said, referring to a widespread belief the boy was the victim of carpet-industry owners known for employing child labour.

The original story was that the boys stumbled upon a local farmer who was in a compromising position with a neighbor's donkey. He spoke about his own experiences as a bonded child laborer. One of his cousins was shot in the arm; the other wasn't hit.

Millions of children, especially in Pakistan and India, work in factories to make carpets, mud bricks, beedis (cigarettes), jewelry, and clothing, all with similar horrific conditions as Iqbal experienced. At the age of 12, Iqbal found a way to attend a freedom day celebration held by the Brick Layer Unions. “Children should have pens in their hands not tools” – Iqbal Masih. This content is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. By the time Iqbal was ten years old, the loan had grown to 13,000 rupees (about $260).

The room in which he worked was stifling hot because the windows could not be opened in order to protect the quality of the wool. To pay for the wedding, Iqbal's family borrowed 600 rupees (about $12) from a man who owned a carpet-weaving business.

Because of his powerful story, Iqbal Masih began visiting other countries, raising awareness of child slaves and advocating for their freedom. Iqbal became an international known spokesperson for the BLLF, participating in dozens of raids on sweatshops and liberating over three thousand Pakistani child laborers. At the school, Iqbal's natural leadership skills became increasingly apparent and he became involved in demonstrations and meetings that fought against bonded child labor. But Iqbal courageous opposition to what has been called Pakistan's carpet mafia made him a target.

Bonded labor, child labor, and slave labor were all outlawed in Pakistan. Iqbal studied very hard, finishing four years of work in just two. 5 6 7. Very few poor children learnt to read and write. With us, you can make a difference in the lives of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral areas, Man arrested after killing 15 and wounding 45 in knife attack at Kanagawa care facility, 'They say I am dying' and then the 5-Year-old dies in Santa's arms, Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs, FOCUS Pakistan responds to the devastating earthquake providing relief to thousands in the affected area, Michael Moore 'We are all Muslim' campaign asks Trump to go on time-out in Trump Towers, Lionel Messi plastic bag shirt: 5-year-old Afghan boy inspires messi to meet him, What I see emerging today is a refreshing balanced Africa, says the Aga Khan. He had endured hot, cramped conditions, air filled with wool debris and countless whippings, beatings, and cuttings whenever his work slowed.

His life changed drastically when he was just four years old.

At age ten, he was less than four feet tall and weighed a mere 60 pounds. For a very poor family in Pakistan, the only way to borrow money is to ask a local employer. At the age of four, Iqbal Masih had been offered to a carpet manufacturer as collateral for a loan of about $16. *The problem of bonded child labor continues today. After working six years as a carpet weaver, Iqbal one day heard about a meeting of the Bonded Labor Liberation Front (BLLF) which was working to help children like Iqbal. After hearing Iqbal’s story, one of the union leaders named Ehsan Ullah Khan organized an effort to free Iqbal from bondage. Wiki User. The employer kept track of the loan total. Iqbal Masih’s life was cut short just shy of 13 years but his powerful and eloquent speeches encouraged thousands of bonded laborers and child slaves to follow his example. Overview of Iqbal Masih . Because Iqbal was a prominent enemy of the local Carpet Manufacturer Mafia, The Pakistani Human Rights Commission looked into the murder but quickly agreed with the police story. In return, Iqbal was required to work as a carpet weaver until the debt was paid off.


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