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Anthea Nicholls

Ying’s research focusses on building community resilience to changing climate, especially for the most vulnerable populations in the Asia-Pacific Region. Samia Elfekih She works at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia.

Katie is a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for environmental and social change. American. Mita Brierley Brisbane, Australia Longmont, Colorado, USA

Frances Separovic She then moved to the USA to pursue postgraduate education in public health, followed by her relocation to Australia for her postdoctoral research. She spent the beginning of her career leading international teams of engineers to deploy cutting-edge oil and gas technology in some of the remotest parts of the planet, such as the Okhotsk Sea where she worked at -46°C. Her background is in science, and she loves education, and has been working with the STEMinist group for several years in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and India. That mission has taken her from her childhood in Costa Rica and Mexico to countries across the world.

Chinese. Don't miss a moment: get sneak peeks from Antarctica, participant stories and more delivered first. Research Fellow Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry
In the future she hopes to create sustainable health equity in both rural Australian and global settings. Outside of her work at the hospital, Jazmin has a love of yoga, travel, live arts and all things culinary; she’s a certified yoga teacher and loves baking her own sourdough. She is a former Eru Pomare Post-Doctoral Fellow, funded by Health Research Council of New Zealand. Everyday, she advises the Commonwealth Government to solve some of Australia’s biggest challenges through the application of cutting-edge digital technology. In this role, she has the opportunity to bridge the gap between scientific research outcomes and their direct application in a real-world context, especially in shaping and influencing policy at various levels of government. She is a performance-oriented and highly-driven project manager, with 10 years of extensive experience in different organisations related to community development projects, training and capacity-building in agribusiness, including livestock care and extension services.

Jill has had leading roles in medical training, workforce development and regulation, community development, childhood advocacy, and quality and safety in health care. Her free time is spent with her two daughters and husband, and the weeds in her garden.

Los Angeles, California, USA Australian.

Eleanor Bruce Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria

Aquaculture Project Manager and PhD Student jointly at Matís ohf, Iceland and The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway "Homeward Bound" was written by Paul Simon after returning to England in the spring of 1964.

Melissa Cristina Márquez Support Laura’s Homeward Bound fundraising campaign here. She completed her MBBS and BMedSc (Hons) from Monash University and an MMed (Pain Management) from the University of Sydney studying worldwide opioid access and utilisation.

Associate Professor and Director of Educational Development in Business, The University of Sydney Allyson’s career aspirations are to go beyond traditional academic metrics of publications and grants, and create research impact through strong leadership and engagement. American.

At age 10, Amelia decided to become a marine biologist and eventually studied marine biology at Flinders University. Brisbane, Australia Vigo, Spain

PhD Candidate, National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health,

Mita earned her PhD in Astronomy from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and then moved to Australia and into research management. Heidi’s professional roles have taken her from the Arctic to the Outback, and now the Antarctic.

Anika splits her life between her family’s arid outback sheep station in Far Western NSW, her PhD crop trials in Griffith NSW, and lush green rice paddies in Southeast Asia working as a researcher in international agricultural development. Her childhood was marked by many scientific experiments at home, all supervised by her scientist mother.

Professor Indigenous Health Research, Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi, Alex specialised in plant sciences at undergraduate level and then studied for an MSc in Science Communication. Australian.

Andrea Parisi She shadowed a surgeon and realised her love of needlework could be used in a profession and embarked on the long road to become a trauma surgeon.
She is a mum of three young, amazing and determined children who test her problem solving and juggling skills extensively. Now she is working on her PhD project in the area of large scale renewable energy storage at TU Delft. Patricia grew up in New York’s Hudson Highlands, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, photography and painting in her free time. She is currently a member of the WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy: Gender Diversity Reference Group. Croatian-Australian.

Chinese. Support Heidi Pass with her HB fundraising campaign here. Samia is passionate about modern art, haute couture and travel between New York, Tokyo, London and Melbourne.

Dr Heidi Pass Louise Batts She holds a PhD in Biochemistry, heads the Liver Disease and Regeneration Laboratory at Curtin University and serves on the Australian Liver Association Executive Committee.

Science Communicator and Career Coach, location-independent Blanca Bernal Research Fellow and Program Lead, Spatial Epidemiology, Australian National University Karen is passionate about encouraging women into science and making science more accessible to the wider community. She finds and loses herself through travel and running, and currently lives with her husband in Boston, where they are lodgers in an apartment owned by three cats. Sam is an engineer turned data analyst who is trying to elucidate early-stage markers of Alzheimer’s disease.

Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA Emma Towlson Therese has supported the Australian Water Industry through various leadership roles for the past 15 years.

Then she coordinated the first large-scale aerial surveys in the French EEZ to investigate the abundance and distribution of seabirds, marine mammals and turtles. PhD Conservation Scientist, Chicago Botanic Garden Its three strategic focal points are: I am willing and able to lead We are stronger together We are taking actions with impact Yona Jacobsen To support Lisa’s HB fundraising campaign, click here.

PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand Bioethics responsibilities are to support clinicians with ethical decision-making when complex care leads to disagreements between parents and doctors. Sam wants the next generation to have the best of opportunities and with this legacy mindset is determined to make a difference. PhD / Co-founder & Director of Science, Lion Guardians Organization A strong science literacy advocate, she is currently working on an educational sci-fi series with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. During her PhD, she studied the foraging ecology of seabirds in the North Atlantic.

Kim-Anh Lê Cao

Victoria, Australia Therese is a water and wastewater environmental engineer and scientist (Dipl. Some say she is a lab rat, which she takes as a compliment! Perth, Western Australia

Tammy has over 15 years of teaching and research experience and currently holds a Research Chair in Occupational Health and Safety.

Anna was born and raised in The Netherlands, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology and a PhD in Population Genetics. This requires innovative approaches to monitor, understand and confront the unprecedented changes unfolding in coastal environments. Perth, Western Australia

Support Mary-Jo’s fundraising campaign here. Soil Specialist / Agricultural Systems Modeller Kirsten grew up in Northern Canada, where the outdoors was a huge part of her life and this continues to today. Her goal is to implement changes to protect our ocean while creating better opportunities for local communities. Kirsten is passionate about being a role model for women and advocating for increasing graduate student diversity in STEM and feels that empathy for others is our best path forward.

German. Valeri is a PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California Berkeley, and a Moore/Sloan Fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

She is very passionate about the application and development of statistical methodology to solve real life problems and bringing statistical knowledge closer to other disciplines. She is also a mother and thus wants to inspire future generations. Melissa is a Latina marine biologist and wildlife educator with a BA in Marine Ecology and Conservation degree and MSc in Marine Biology.

Victoria, Australia

To support Justine’s fundraising campaign, click here. She loves travelling, hiking and team sports.

Her most rewarding work always involved small effective teams and networking. She is a fervent advocate for open science to enable fast progress beyond her own research and is dedicated to the training of the new generation of computational biologists. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


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