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Highway Engineers, and Transportation Engineers. I know that your company has been in business for over xyz years, with an excellent reputation in successful completion of highway project .Your company is providing good opportunities to new coming member owing to that I am sitting infront of you. We cannot process tax exempt orders online.

Rigid pavement consists of a plain or steel-reinforced portland cement concrete slab laid on a prepared crushed-stone base course. Q 24.

The capacity of a highway depends on factors such as the number of lanes, lane width, effectiveness of traffic control systems, frequency and duration of traffic incidents, and efficiency of collection and dissemination of highway traffic information.

Ans:650 mm(GSB 250 mm,CTB 200 mm,WMM (Crack Relief Layer)100 mm, DBM 50 mm & BC 50mm).
Ans: Not more than 2000 mm/km for each lane in a km length. Ans : Minimum amount of cement  content 400 kg/m³ & maximum W/C ratio is 0.40.

Ans : The vertical clearance of VUP,LVUP and CUP are 5.5 m,3.5m and 3.0 m simultaneously. Ans : The Kinematic Viscosity of VG 40 grade bitumen is 400 cst minimum at 135 º C. Q 20. Q 8 What is the softening point of VG 30 & VG40 grade bitumen ? 2. Specific gravity has no unit and it is generally used in design of concrete/bituminous mix. Ans: Dowel bars are required at expansion joints to transfer wheel loads to the adjacent slab.

What is the maximum Aggregate Impact Value of aggregate for concrete work ? The purpose of vertical alignment design is to determine the level of the highway at each point in order to ensure adequate safety and drainage. The vertical alignment of a highway is represented by its longitudinal profile, which gives the elevation of all points along the length of the highway. A branch of civil engineering that includes planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and related infra-structure to ensure effective movement of people and goods. If you wish to place a tax exempt order Engineers design road geometry to ensure stability of vehicles when negotiating curves and grades and to provide adequate sight distances for undertaking passing maneuvers along curves on two-lane, two-way roads. Ans : The name of my material Engineer is Mr xyz.

I’ve learned a lot in my current role, but I’m looking for an opportunity that provides more challenges as I continue developing my skills and abilities.”, Ans: 1.Flexibility to handle any situation.

Ans; In tack coat RS1 & in prime coat SS1.

Intersections and interchanges occur where two or more highways cross each other at the same level. Highway Engineering considers all aspects related to the design of the roads themselves, as well as how pedestrians are managed. See Traffic-control systems. What is the frequency of taking core for BM/DBM/BC for checking of compaction & thickness of laid layer as per MORT&H 5th revision ?

Ans: A minimum design speed of 40 km/h shall be adopted for service roads.

Q 12.What is land width of shoulder in plain & rolling terrain?

DST is a firm of engineers, scientists and contractors that provides geoscience and related services like geotechnical and environmental engineering, materials sciences, Galvanized steel gabions, widely used in river and, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Machine-Building and Instrument-Making Education, Road funding scheme ignores constitution, physics, Bridgemont Community and Technical College, Highway 12 - A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway, Highway Economic Requirements - State Version, Highway Emergency & Weather Advisory Bulletin, Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic, Highway Industry Development Organization, Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center.

CTB provides a durable, long-lasting base in all types of climates. Vemco highway design consultants use only the most up to date industry software to design your project, including AutoCAD, AutoTRACK, KeySIGN and KeyLINE. Q.19.

Ans : You can tell any of the following points: Ans: Tell the following points with cleverness: Q 47.Tell me your achievement in your carrier? Curves are fitted to provide a smooth transition between straight highway sections.

Q 36. Ans: It is the width of the road which is used by the traffic for moving on it.It is generally central portion of the total land width and is paved and surfaced with the bituminous concrete  for service to the road users.

Q 46.

Q 34 What is the relation between Air Voids & Density ? Ans : Air voids is inversely proportional to Density i.e If Air Voids are increasing density will be decreasing & reverse versa.

It avoids the mixing up of sub-base materials and freshly placed concrete. What is the justified minimum design speed for service road ?

Q 29. An International Textbook, from A to Z. We value your input. What is the median width in raised condition in plain & Mountainous and Steep terrain?

Q 23 .How many samples you take for 900 m² of DLC laying ? For how many period flexible pavement design should be done? Through highway design, the most appropriate location, alignment, and shape of the highway are selected. See Pavement, Precast concrete, Highway construction usually follows planning and design, and involves new or reconstructed facilities such as pavements, drainage structures, and traffic control devices.

I’m looking for a position in which I can continue to grow that skill set in new circumstances.”.

One way of reducing such danger is to use channelization to limit each stream to a unique path. What is the maximum Liquid Limit & Plasticity Index allowed in earth work in embankment/subgrade soil ? Easily read We would like to ask you for a moment of your time to fill in a short questionnaire, at the end of your visit. The typical traffic signal for an intersection displays a sequence of green, amber, and red. - Buy once, receive and download all available eBook formats, Ans :Bulk density is the ratio between soil weight to the total volume of the soil  but Specific Gravity (G) is the ratio of the weight in air of a given volume of soil solids at a stated temperature to the weight in air of an equal volume of distilled water at that temperature . Q 25. It consists of straight lines and curves.

Human factors include reaction time for braking and steering, visual acuity for traffic signs and signals, and car-following behavior. Ans : As per IRC 58-2015 Clause , a minimum CBR of 8 % is recommended for 500 mm of selected soil used as subgrade. See Civil engineering.

Highway Engineering Notes Download pdf.

Ans: IS 10262 -2009 now the latest revision introduced IS 10262-2019. Ans : Land width of shoulder will be either 2.0 m or 3.5 m depending  upon the situation.

Q 45.Can you tell the name of IRC SP guide line for Quality System for road construction highway & Road bridge  ? For purposes of design, traffic volumes are needed for a representative period of traffic flow. What should roughness Index be of finished wearing course? What is difference between Specific Gravity & Density ?

Ans : 1 set of 10 test for 3000 m² of Embankment / 1 set of10 test for 2000 m² of Subgrade/Shoulder. Feasibility study of Sky Bus Metro Linking Cities in Himalaya Region.

Ans: The separation membrane between concrete pavement slab and sub-base has mainly 4 function: Q 26. Q 52.How much time you required to join ? within an estate).

One complete signal sequence is called a cycle. Q 48.Why you want to leave your present company?

Ans: 4 staffs are working under me and draw the Organization chart on your own , show your position.

Q 22.What will be the minimum cement content as per IRC SP 49 2014 for DLC mix design ?

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Ans: In open country, median openings shall not be spaced closer than 2 km. Our highway engineers undertake a range of projects, both large and small. In high traffic volume areas, movement of streams can be separated in time using multiphased traffic signals.

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I. Q 49 .How much time you required to join? A branch of civil engineering that includes planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and related infra-structure to ensure effective movement of people and goods.

Q 28. No damage by oil or Greece.Design based on Flexural strength or slab action. Ans : Minimum laying temperature for laying is 140 º C & minimum rolling temperature is 90 º C. Q 37.In prime coat what type emulsion is used as per MORT&H 5th revision in Indian condition ? There’s no activation Why you want to leave your present company? This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Personal information is secured with SSL technology. I am a newly graduate civil engineer and I am looking into the geosynthetic industry as my focus of expertise.

Never lie about what you currently make, but feel free to include the estimated cost of all your fringes, which could well tack on 25 -30% more to your present “cash-only” salary. Highway Engineers also design highway systems with the aim of optimising traffic flow and safety for all vehicles that travel through them.


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