highway 2 montana speed limit

The maximum speed limit on urban freeways and interstates in Montana is 65 miles per hour. Instead of increasing accidents, with the expectation of higher speeds, there should be fewer multiple vehicle accident because of better lane courtesy. "Nighttime" means at any other hour.”. 800.708.5723 voice mail/fax Fixed speed limits were reinstated on Memorial Day weekend 1999. They passed a politically correct law at a time when the state’s fatal accidents were at a modern low and its roads were never safer.

3. Speed limit as posted. For trucks the speed limit is posted at 60 mph (97 km/h) and at night is 55 mph (89 km/h).

This fact–based position has again been proven to be true by the repeal of the National Speed Limit. Speed Limits Speed Limits in Montana.

In December of 1995 when the National Maximum Speed Limit was repealed Montana reverted to Reasonable and Prudent on all roadways outside of city limits, which was their law prior to Congress's mandated NMSL in 1974. Required fields are marked *. They didn't have safety systems, advanced suspensions and better tires. At what cost? OR It is time to accept the fact that increases in traffic speeds are the natural by product of advancing technology. Copyright, 2/11/00

"Urban freeways" are the segments of large highways that are located within a city or densely populated area's limits, and are generally more prone to traffic congestion and other hazards. Autobahn, where, with no speed limits, authorities are consistently reporting lower fatality rates than comparable US highways. 1. 1. This study covered 7 years, 4 of which had no daytime limits. The nation has recorded the lowest highway fatality rate since such records have been kept. Steve Bullock signed into law this month a bill that will raise the speed limit for trucks on interstates from 65 to 70 miles per hour. 7. Posted limits and their enforcement, had either no or a negative effect on traffic safety.


People do, in fact, act in a reasonable and responsible manner without constant government intervention.

In Nevada, the penalty was $15.

2. Some drivers kept a wad of $5 bills in their glove compartments so if they were pulled over, they would be ready to pay the fine on the spot. But it … Is this an anomaly or is it expected?

On these classifications of highway, the no daytime speed limit appears to have reduced the multiple vehicle accident rate on Montana’s 2 lane Primary Highways. 608.849.6000 The problem, no one is willing to enforce it – including the FHWA. Daytime speed limits are in effect from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. In Montana the maximum speed limit is 80 mph (129 km/h).

775.721.2423 cell

Since then, fatal accidents have begun to rise again.

National Motorists Association, Waunakee Wisconsin.

Autobahn Montana Gov. Fatal accident rates on these highways reached an all time low in modern times.

As predicted by the engineering models, traffic speeds did not significantly change and remained consistent with other western states with like conditions. Staying safe during civil protests when avoidance not possible, Winter storms prompt truck bans, speed restrictions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania testing new traffic restriction plan this winter, Let’s end the cat-and-mouse approach to roadside inspections, Alabama lawmakers lower intrastate driving age from 21 to 18, ‘It’s right there in the law’: Owner-operator talks forced ELD switch, pressing brokers on rates transparency, International Truck parent Navistar agrees to $3.7B acquisition by Volkswagen’s Traton, Justin Durand’s heavily customized 2018 Peterbilt 389 glider, Trucker who drove into crowd of protesters in Minnesota now facing charges. This seemingly wild assertion has been documented by the traffic engineering profession for 50 plus years. After the new limits, fatal accidents climbed to a modern high on these classifications of highway, road courtesy decreased and flow conflict accidents rose again. With the expectation of higher speed differentials, multiple vehicle accident rates declined even when the actual speeds did not change significantly.

It was Stanko’s case that gave the Montana legislature reason to impose a highway speed limit.

The state agencies followed the governor’s wishes and testified in support of the new law (when their data didn’t support it) – the norm in today’s world of agency testimony in front of legislative committees.

Not to be deterred by the legislature, the Montana State Patrol set about on its own to enforce an arbitrary de-facto threshold of an 80–90 mph limit depending on roadway type for Reasonable and Prudent enforcement. The sooner we as nation follow these precepts as adopted in the Highway Safety Act of 1966, our roads will be as safe as they reasonably can be while protecting your rights too. Montana always had a speed limit.

The reasons include long transportation times to rush crash victims to the hospital (an average of 80 …

people don’t automatically drive faster when the speed limit is raised; speed limit signs will not automatically decrease accident rates nor increase safety; highways with posted speed limits are not necessarily safer than highways without posted limits. The two most obvious changes were improved lane courtesy and increased seat belt use.

Seat belt usage rose to 88% percent, with only a secondary enforcement law. Only 4 state legally allows speeds faster than the Montana maximum speed limit of 75 miles per hour. Rather, it was wasting energy. MT-13 - Mile Post 30 to 30 Restriction expires on October 19, 2020 Approximately 30 miles north of the Junction with US-2 *****CANCELLED***** Speed Limit Restrictions Important Notes: NO Overweight Permits are to be issued on highways with above load or speed …
With the expectation of higher speed when there was no daytime limit, Montana’s seat belt usage was well above the national average on its highways without a primary law, lane and road courtesy increased, speeds remained relatively stable and fatal accidents dropped to a modern low. For years, motorists’ advocates have used engineering-based facts against artificially low speed limits.

Your email address will not be published. 4. Starting at West Glacier, Highway 2 travels for 56 miles to meet East Glacier on the other side of the Marias Pass. POLL: Who’s got your vote in the Presidential election? "people don't automatically drive faster when the speed limit is raised, speed limit signs will not automatically decrease accident rates nor increase safety, and highways with posted speed limits are not necessarily safer than highways without posted limits.".

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8. Connecticut was likely the first to enact speed limits at the dawn of the automotive age in 1901.

This fact–based position has again been proven to be true by the repeal of the National Speed Limit.

1994 is representative of a low point for the previous decade.

Did other driving habits and patterns change as well? Your email address will not be published. Both limited tickets to low-cost penalties that didn't penalize drivers' records.

The measured vehicle speeds only changed a few miles per hour as predicted – comparable to data collected from other western states. *Interesting side bar: During this 6 year period, Montana’s rural interstates daytime speeds (no speed limit) were consistently lower (on average 5–10 mph and more) than the speeds being reported on many sections of Southern California’s 65 mph posted urban interstates. In March 1996, Stanko was ticketed for traveling 85 mph on Montana State Highway 200.


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