girls about town (1931
She’s complaining that her cheap husband doesn’t buy her anything, so Ben goes crazy getting Marie plenty of jewels. The trip ends. Kay was top-billed in Girls About Town, which was technically her second to last film under contract. But she is also determined to swindle him into giving her as much money as possible . My guess is he didn’t wear the proper make-up. Mind you, I did not find the movie’s main narrative that particularly original. By Mordaunt Hall, November 2, 1931. Their first appearance together was in The Marriage Playground (1929), and Girls About Town was their last collaboration. They make the money, and Wanda goes to where Jim’s staying and throws the money down on the table. When he first arrived in Hollywood in 1929, New York stage director George Cukor served as a dialogue coach at Paramount Pictures and occasionally, at other studios like Universal. It’s evident in this movie. Pre-codes are fun because you don't know how they're going to end - once the code came in, if you were a woman and committed adultery, you died; if you were a tramp, you died. Anderson Lawler … Alex Howard Lilyan Tashman and Kay Francis impersonate lilies of Broadway’s fields in “Girls About Town,” the … He had to wait a year later to serve as sole director for his first two movies. As she says this line, the moonlight reflection on the sea becomes suddenly darker. Louise Beavers … Hattie ( Log Out /  He offers to give the girl who finds the ball $3,000. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Cinematography by Don Haller. By Mordaunt Hall, November 2, 1931. | It chances that Marie has observed Thomas, watching one of the golf balls dissolve in a glass of water. However, Wanda has tired of her demeaning lifestyle until she meets the handsome Jim Baker during a yacht party. If people knew that more movies like this existed, they would be drawn to the actors who played in them, therefore stretching the market in which they are desirable. Not knowing what to do with their brunette beauty, she continued in second leads until she was top billed in this production, which became one of the best Pre-Code comedies ever produced. 80 min After The False Madonna, the studio was so impressed with her that they gave her the opportunity to work with Fredric March in Strangers in Love (1932) at the same salary her new studio, Warner Brothers, was to be paying her when she began her employment there later in the year. And when he does become aware of Marie’s real intentions, his calling her a “girl about town” is a scene which makes one laugh. Create a free website or blog at Directed by George Cukor. Pre-codes are fun because you don't know how they're going to end - once the code came in, if you were a woman and committed adultery, you died; if you were a tramp, you died. Based on a story by Zoë Atkins, the film revolves around two professional gold diggers, one of whom (Francis) decides it’s time for her to quit the racket and settle for love with her ideal suitor (McCrea). A montage of drinking and fun follows. She can’t receive money to pretend to love Jim, because she really does. And these actresses, representing the blonde and the brunette, look very attractive. Only a blind man would fail to predict how their relationship would unfold, especially when her ex-husband Alex entered the picture. George Cukor had directed Kay in The Virtuous Sin (1930), with Walter Huston and Kay’s real-life husband, Kenneth MacKenna. Published in the New York Times. Anyway, the two settle their disagreement and kiss for real. We see all sorts of weird facial expressions, including a teary-eyed Wanda. Robert McWade … Simms For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Like the play, it was written by Zoë Akins and George Cukor is responsible for the compelling direction. Others who help this film are Robert McWade and George Barbier. Tashman had told the press that she considered Kay the most beautiful actress of the screen, and appreciated the fact that Kay wasn’t catty, a rare personality trait for Hollywood stars—female or male.


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