find yourself drama review

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So, they make a deal to keep it hidden for 3 months. He pursues her and they quickly begin a relationship. Cong Xiao was a great contrast to Fanxing; whereas Fanxing is naive when it comes to love, Cong Xiao is quick and sharply in tune with the dynamics of modern relationships. She didn’t marry him, that would have been a huge mistake. I didn’t like some of his actions (like deliberately meeting her parents) but mostly he was a guy who went in 100% for what he wanted. Her parents are anxious for her to get married, while her twin brother He Canyang (Zhang Yujian) has a never-ending stream of girlfriends. This hurts and insults Yuan Song but in the end agrees to a secret relationship for three months. This review may contain spoilers To Find Yourself, Think of Yourself - socrates This drama started with an issue of a 32-years-old career women who doesn't have experience in dating. Filed Under: Chinese Tagged With: Find Yourself, Romance, Song Wei Long, Victoria Song, Your email address will not be published. He is a great uncle to Min Min and he does care for Fan Xing. They do have good chemistry despite the age gap. Binge watching your dramas?

However, Xiao Xia divorces Shan Fan Fan and Luo Ming ends up alone (although he makes up with Steven and gets a better deal on a transaction). ( Log Out /  I am working to restore those images as soon as possible! As you would assume everything soon falls apart has a societal more pleasing man comes into the picture (and i mean a man with more money, closer to her age and well accepted by her parents).

He. That aspect was 100% unrealistic but SO fun and entertaining. I was glad that both friends had their own storylines: Song Xue is dedicated to her career and in a long-term relationship but doesn’t want to have children, while Xiao Yu is married and pregnant with her second child. Supporting Yuan Song, Mei Yin Jie advises him that he is still able to win Fan Xing over by maturing (and also employing some of Luo Ming’s tactics) but in light of her father’s progressive illness, Fan Xing tries to give her relationship with Luo Ming.

Ultimately, Fan Xing is unable to accept the nature of their relationship and cares too much about what she assumes people will think of her relationship with a much younger guy. You can say that she thinks of Yuan Song as a temporary fling as she doesn’t have confidence that their relationship will last. ( Log Out /  After He Fan Xing agrees to be part of the bridal party for Li Hao Miao’s wedding, Yuan Song begins to feel protective of his stern but kindhearted boss.

Would she listen to her own heart or go for the man that everyone is saying is the perfect suitor? Cai Min Min has a crush on (and confesses to) Yuan Song, she is also Ye Luo Ming’s niece. Hence, she has no intention to make their relationship public which is grossly unfair to him.

The second half of the drama is better than the first. Learn how your comment data is processed. While she is career-minded and independent, she is also a novice when it comes to dating and relationships. Can Yang used to be Yuan Song’s lecturer and they are now good friends. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I love how you explained the reasons behind your perspective. Overall 8.0. Xiao Xue divorces her cheating husband after giving birth to her second child. In this drama, he does suit the character of Yuan Song very well with his boyish charm and teasing manner. She feels the pressure from everyone around her and she is unable to control the toll this has on her.

Just concentrate on the plot then to enjoy the drama! I am inclined to give a rating of 7.5/10 for this Find Yourself review. 2020.

So with this drama, I can official say that Chinese dramas are now my thing. I am going to put this drama up on my list along with dramas such as Something in the Rain and One Spring Night which are dramas that really tackled sensitive topics such as gap relationship and societal expectations.

Have you watched this drama? So, I decided to go with this one – Find Yourself (下一站是幸福) because the plot centers around a common dilemma of age gap faced by some couples. Change ). Luo Ming does this through a series of underhanded techniques, by calling Fan Xing his dog’s godmother, buying things for her (but pretending its for someone else) and pretending to confide in her about his unrequited love — a lot of this arc surrounds Luo Ming’s tactics, which starts to get a bit old. There are so many subplots in this drama that are just as interesting as that of the main character. Basically, Find Yourself is about the pressures faced by an older woman in a relationship with a much younger man. Find Yourself (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) January 21, 2020. Donations will go towards our hosting and new content. she has never been in a relationship and neither has she fallen in love before but things are about to change as she has new found feeling for a guy 10 years younger than her. ! A determined entrepreneur navigates a love triangle between a young charmer and an older executive, leading …


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