extrusive rock
Extrusive rock refers to the mode of igneous volcanic rock formation in which hot magma from inside the Earth flows out (extrudes) onto the surface as lava or explodes violently into the atmosphere to fall back as pyroclastics or tuff. Basalt is very abundant … Due to the volcanic eruption that takes the sediment to the surface, the cooling process of extrusive rocks is quick. By contrast, intrusive rocks are formed from magma that was forced into older rocks at depth within Earth’s crust; the molten material then slowly solidifies below Earth’s surface, where it may later be exposed through erosion. In contrast, intrusive rock refers to rocks formed by magma which cools below the surface. Basalt. Basalt is an iron-rich, very dark colored extrusive igneous rock. Extrusive rock, any rock derived from magma (molten silicate material) that was poured out or ejected at Earth’s surface. Extrusive igneous rocks are formed when the crystallization and solidification of rock material occur on top of the surface.


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