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There they lived together openly, with Sir William and Emma's mother, in a ménage à trois that fascinated the public. Henry Cadogan cared for the 14-year-old Horatia in the aftermath of Emma's death and paid for her travel to Dover.

However, Royal Museums Greenwich have stated, "we no longer think the woman in white is Horatia. It was some weeks before she heard that Nelson's last words were of her and that he had begged the nation to take care of her and Horatia.

[4], After a brief visit to England in August 1805, Nelson once again had to return to service. She was born Amy Lyon[1] in Swan Cottage, Ness near Neston, Cheshire, England,[2] the daughter of Henry Lyon, a blacksmith[1] who died when she was two months old.

However, her lavish spending continued, and a combination of this and the steady depletion of funds due to people fleecing her meant that she remained in debt, although unbeknownst to most people. Emma received letters from him on 1, 7 and 13 October. [18][7], She was desperately lonely, preoccupied with attempting to turn Merton Place into the grand home Nelson desired,[3] suffering from several ailments and frantic for his return. Nelson's family were aware of the pregnancy, and his clergyman brother Rev. An appeal committee of Lord Nelson's friends and naval colleagues met frequently in London by Horatia herself, brought about a deputation to the Prime Minister and a national appeal (launched in 1850 and closed four years later; it raised only £1457). An antique photograph of a portrait of Horatia Ward née Nelson from the Style/Ward Family collection.
He never saw her again, after being hustled out of town by an agent.

After the party, Emma became Nelson's secretary, translator and political facilitator. The newly married couple returned to Naples after two days. Nelson urged her to keep Horatia at Merton, and when his return seemed imminent in 1804, Emma ran up bills on furnishing and decorating Merton. Give her a kiss for me.
She was furious when she realised what Greville had planned for her,[3] but eventually started to enjoy life in Naples and responded to Sir William's intense courtship just before Christmas in 1786.

Within three years, Emma was more than £15,000 in debt.

I shall be sure of your prayers for my safety, conquest, and speedy return to dear Merton, and our dearest good Lady Hamilton.

Thanks to her mother's efforts, Horatia became a graceful and accomplished woman.[3]. On 21 October 1805, Nelson's fleet defeated a joint Franco-Spanish naval force at the Battle of Trafalgar. Born in a house rented by Sir William Hamilton (Emma's husband) at 23 Piccadilly, London, as Nelson was at anchor in Torbay preparing to sail to the Battle of Copenhagen (news reached him before he set sail), she was given to a wet nurse called Mrs. Gibson, who was informed that the child, about a week old, was born six weeks earlier, at a time when Emma was in Vienna. Mary Lyon, left with a 2-month-old daughter after her husband had died in somewhat mysterious circumstances, returned to her family home across the Dee, where her mother Sarah Kidd helped to raise Emma, forming a bond which they maintained throughout their lives. He arranged for Emma's mother, then in her thirties, who had by now taken on the name of Cadogan (possibly from a John Cadogan who lived in the area, although no marriage is recorded) to live with her as housekeeper and chaperone. [12] Emma and Sir William escorted Nelson to their home, the Palazzo Sessa. Emma was at Greville's mercy and acceded to his requests to change her name to "Mrs Emma Hart", to dress in modest outfits in subdued colours and eschew a social life. A third-generation Anglican clergyman, Philip was a poet and scholar, and the couple were described at their wedding as being handsome and intelligent. [citation needed], As wife of the British Envoy, Emma welcomed Nelson (who had been married to Fanny Nisbet for about 6 years at that point) after his arrival in Naples on 10 September 1793,[4] when he came to gather reinforcements against the French. [3][4] She later went by the name of Emma Hart.[1]. In his letter to Emma the same day, he wrote "I will take care that my name shall ever be most dear to you and Horatia, both of whom I love as much as my own life."

Where this identification started is not clear: the provenance of the item stops with its exhibition in 1889 when in the hands of a Bond Street dealer and the only link with the Nelson-Ward family is that they had a copy of made, probably at that time and relying on his identification of it, not theirs.

To promote his plan, Greville suggested to Sir William that Emma would make a very pleasing mistress, assuring him that, once married to Henrietta Middleton, he would come and fetch Emma back. [4], By the autumn of the same year, upon Emma's advice, Nelson bought Merton Place, a small ramshackle house at Merton, near Wimbledon, for £9,000, borrowing money from his friend Davison.

Emma developed her Attitudes from mere poses into small, wordless plays—in her later years she excelled most as Medea. Her real name was Amy Lyon, but she preferred to be known as Emma Hart. [13] She acted as a go-between, conveying messages from the queen to Nelson and from Nelson to the queen. She then lived with another brother-in-law, Thomas Bolton, as his housekeeper, after Nelson's sister Susanna Bolton died, until she married. On the ship, he wrote a note intended as a codicil to his will requesting that, in return for his legacy to King and Country that they should give Emma "ample provision to maintain her rank in life", and that his "adopted daughter, Horatia Nelson Thompson...use in future the name of Nelson only".[4]. [4], After four years of marriage, Emma had despaired of having children with Sir William, although she wrote of him as "the best husband and friend". She was witty, intelligent, a quick learner, elegant and, as paintings of her attest, extremely beautiful.

She is said to have entertained Harry and his friends by dancing in the nude on the dining room table.

She then lived with another brother-in-law, Thomas Bolton, as his housekeeper, after Nelson's sister Susanna Bolton died, until she married. Emma died just before Horatia's fourteenth birthday at Calais in January 1815, having fled there with Horatia to escape debt.

She also worked hard to bring Nelson's step-son, the sullen Josiah Nisbet, out of his shell. Nelson returned to Naples five years later, on 22 September 1798[11] a living legend, after his victory at the Battle of the Nile in Aboukir, with his step-son Josiah Nisbet, then eighteen years old.

Nelson and Emma continued to write letters to each other when he was away at sea, and she kept every one. Her old housekeeper, Dame Francis, came to run the household and hired other servants. A "Children's Ball" was thrown after New Year, in honour of Horatia, and a concert for 100 guests staged in February. When the news of his death arrived in London, a messenger was sent to Merton Place to bring the news to Lady Hamilton. A third-generation Anglican clergyman, Philip was a poet and scholar, and the couple were described at their wedding as being handsome and intelligent. By this time, Nelson's adventures had prematurely aged him; he had lost an arm and most of his teeth, and was afflicted by coughing spells. Through the popularity of Romney's work and particularly of his striking-looking young model, Emma became well known in society circles, under the name of "Emma Hart". Horatia Nelson, Clarendon, 1970, page 299, People of the American Civil War by state, Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters, Articles incorporating text from Find a Grave.com, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "Geni.com family history profile of Horatia Ward, with additional refs", https://www.geni.com/people/Horatia-Ward/6000000007536750758, "Geni family history profile of Horatia, with links to children", http://www.emmahamiltonsociety.co.uk/#!blank-4/fmtiu, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/6884289/horatia-ward, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Horatia_Nelson?oldid=4973535.


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