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Banana Bread Ina Wroldsen, The Capital Weekender with Ministry Of Sound. Whatever I could do to help somebody through my work, I mean, I love that. Dylan: At first, we see Nick going through a breakup – but then moves on really quickly and when his new girlfriend ends up being stalked by his ex, he finds himself in a really unique situation…. Hannah: Super exciting I’m not going to lie, I think it’s super cool. The movie, which has a 92 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, can finally claim its place in the category of smarter-than-average high school comedies along with “Easy A” or “The Edge of Seventeen.” The strong reviews have applauded the film’s depiction of April’s friendship with Clara (Liana Liberato), who dates Nick. 07 October 2020 | E! It’s just great.”, If you haven’t yet, see how the movie’s doing at the box office! You must be logged in to post a comment So many people are working on new things while in lockdown, so hopefully we will have loads of great stories coming out of this. Dylan and I talked over Skype before we cast him but otherwise I’d known most of the people in the cast for several years. I was learning Martial Arts and Mandarin for it, lost thirty pounds and gained loads of muscle in preparation and it was all an amazing experience all around. Dylan announced his big upcoming movie role on Instagram saying he couldn’t wait to bring the character to life — in slightly more embellished terms, of course. “Because I’m a business owner, I’ve seen the toll that it’s taken on a lot of workers,” Sprouse says. Dylan Sprouse Returns to Instagram With a Birthday Tribute for "Queen" Barbara Palvin. Animal Crossing or Pokémon? Dylan: Luckily I’m always able to keep really busy too. Online Dylan Sprouse Returns to Instagram With a Birthday Tribute for "Queen" Barbara Palvin. In most rom coms you see, it’s about the girl trying to get the guy or the guy trying to get the girl. Dylan Sprouse stars in the new Netflix film Banana Split. That’s super exciting and a big dream come true for me. We’re sensual, but we’re not that. Hannah: I’d say it’s about two girls who decide to secretly become friends by sharing the same boyfriend. Tell It To "Play Capital"! You could put me on the stand and I’ll defend my reasons of why I made the choices I made.’ This is kind of an interesting experiment; it’s not about trolling. Intrigued? 3 August 2020, 17:36. There’s one catch though - Nick doesn’t know! I think that was amazing because you can really see that we all had a great bond when you watch the movie. Everything felt really different but in a good way. It’s a beautiful story, so I’m hopefully going to direct that soon but I’m not sure when. Hannah: Everyone was a friend of mine before, for the most part. Get to Know the After We Collided Cast Better With This Game of "Who's Most Likely". SneakPeek I started it as a teenager and then we filmed it when I was turning 24, so it had a really long road to getting made. So I’m hoping that something gets handled efficiently and safely and soon, and that we can all get back to work and be fine.”, Until then, if audiences are looking for a movie to watch from their own homes, they can stream “Banana Split.”. It felt like an opportunity. How would you describe the characters you play? The more specific it is, the more relatable it will be. ©2020 Yolla Media, LLC, All rights reserved. For me that was definitely the moment that has affected me the most personally. Hannah: Greta Gerwig, Ava DuVerny, Marielle Heller and Chloé Zhao are on top of my mind. 1992 “I knew I had to kind of get away from it for a while and explore other artistic mediums and understand what I thought it was to act and how that would change as I was an adult now,” he says. "Banana Split," starring Hannah Marks and Dylan Sprouse, was delayed for months while a Bart Simpson t-shirt was covered up with CGI. feat. Seeing as you wrote this when you were a teenager, do you think we need more films with input from teenagers to portray a more authentic teenage experience on screen? Netflix’s Banana Split With Dylan Sprouse: Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Plot Revealed. Marks had grown up watching Dylan as a fan of the show. “It kind of complements it. That just amped up the anxiety and anticipation but ultimately it was just such a fun time and such a dream come true that you forget about all that. Like, you get some people on Twitter going, ‘It wasn’t enough.’ And it’s just like, well, I’m not making a porno film, I’m making a movie. The producers realized that they didn’t have the rights to an article of clothing that Marks’ character April wears throughout the film. I’m also attached to direct a movie called Turtles All the Way Down which is based on the John Green book – one of my all-time favourite books about a girl with OCD. feat. “Just to make sure, I Skyped with him, and we really got along.”. “I had Bart Simpson on my T-shirt for like 40 minutes of the movie, and I guess it didn’t get cleared,” Marks says. After We Collided is one hot movie, and director Roger Kumble is opening up about the film, which stars Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Dylan Sprouse. Lili Reinhart’s Birthday Post For Cole Sprouse Ends Breakup Rumors (For Real This Time), Ariana Grande & Social House’s Mikey Foster Dating Rumors Heat Up, Those Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Breakup Rumors, Explained, Cole Sprouse Encourages Fans To Listen To Bernie Sanders Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

The most important thing to me was Sebastian can be vile but he has a gay best friend and he doesn’t care. Dylan: Coming-of-age stories are so popular because people can relate to them. “Banana Split” is one of the first grown-up film roles for Dylan Sprouse, who starred in the Disney Channel 2000s sitcom “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” with his twin brother Cole.

Hannah: I actually just finished directing a movie, which wrapped in February. How are you keeping busy in lockdown at the moment?

My boyfriend and I were doing long-distance before all this happened – so we went from long-distance to quarantine, which is really nice. You’ve been posting about playing Animal Crossing on Twitter, what do you love most about the game? But it was also so fun because I’d been prepping for it for so long that it felt like I was ready to take it on.

I'm too sexy for the catwalk, I'm to sexy for my shirt. Look out, Cole Sprouse, because twin brother Dylan Sprouse is coming to take your crown as “teen heartthrob” now that he’s been cast in one of YA fiction’s most popular book-to-movie … Rather than fall into the traditional tropes of teenage girls fighting with each other for the same boy, “Banana Split” subtly focuses on their unexpected closeness. Starring Hannah Marks – who also wrote the script – and Dylan Sprouse, it tells the story of April who spent the last two years of high school in a relationship with Nick. Login. My mom in the movie is pretty similar to my own mom. Then we have just the thing for you: Banana Split, the latest must-see coming-of-age movie, is out on digital download right now. You always walk a fine line and it’s true. Producer. Looking for a new movie to watch right from the comfort of your home? I hope it can be an escape from all the craziness in the world right now. Banana Split is available on digital download from 8, 5 Colourful Outfits To Brighten Up A Rainy Day, 7 Of The Best Places For A Late Summer Staycation, 5 Things To Do In London This Month If You Want To Treat Yourself, It’s Scorpio Season! Hannah: I think my favourite scene in the film is a scene where Clara and I are rapping at a party.

Many drafts followed for “Banana Split.” Over time, Marks partnered with a co-writer (Joey Power), found a director (in the form of longtime cinematographer Benjamin Kasulke) and played a version of her former self onscreen who falls in love with her classmate Nick (Dylan Sprouse). Dylan Sprouse Returns to Instagram With a Birthday Tribute for "Queen" Barbara Palvin, Kygo Feat.

“For whatever reason, it slipped through the cracks. The 2020 Banana Split movie, starring Dylan Sprouse, Hannah Marks, and Liana Liberato is now available on VOD. What was it like multitasking being both the star and screenwriter of this film? Hannah: I think it’s short and it’s sweet and it’s funny, so I hope people will have a good time. 20 October 2020 Quarantine Quickfire Questions with Dylan Sprouse, We asked Dylan some quickfire questions about his time in lockdown…, Joggers or Pyjamas? I thought that was so cool of her. We’ll keep you posted when it gets added to the UK streaming service! It’s called Mark, Mary & Some Other People and the characters are in their mid-twenties and as I get older and evolve more characters that I write. The new movie is a 2018 movie and is just making its way on to our screens! I could really relate to him as a character though. After We Collided is one hot movie, and director Roger Kumble is opening up about the film, which stars Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Dylan Sprouse. This is more about the friendship and hopefully more empowering because of it. Earlybird or Night owl? Zoom or FaceTime? You’ve been on Rolling Stone’s 25 Under 25 Artists Changing the World and Forbes 30 under 30 in Hollywood – what does it feel like to receive that sort of recognition so early on in your career? It’s just so wholesome. There are people who are like, ‘You made it too funny.’ And I said, ‘You know what? This big news comes just one day after the former Disney kid’s 27th birthday! Movies or binge-worthy series? It’s definitely a huge honour especially because I respect all the other people in the list, so it’s pretty exciting to be included along them. Things get tense when, as the trailer shows, Nick seems to want April back… awkward! During the conversation, he talked about the sex scenes in the film. Did Dylan or any of the other actors have an input on some of the storyline? Use of the web site constitutes acceptance of the Yolla Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. April, played by Hannah Marks, spends two years in a relationship with Nick, played by Dylan Sprouse, before having a heartbreaking split.

We were shooting in upstate New York as Dylan mentioned.

Hannah: I hope it’s still ahead of me! It was exciting to be able to subvert all of those expectations, but I’d say the main inspiration was probably ‘Frances Ha,’” she says about the 2012 movie with Greta Gerwig. Then, with Hannah being both the star and writer, it was such a personal story to her and I think you can really see that on screen. I wrote that [movie] in ’97 and we filmed it in ’98. Then Dylan, what was it like having your co-star also be the scriptwriter?

Did you look to any other teen movies for inspiration? We filmed in Syracuse, New York in the middle of winter, so there wasn’t a lot to do apart from hanging out together.

My interest in acting at the time, and still to a degree today, was really just to participate on good projects, regardless of the character size or depth.”, During his break from Hollywood, Sprouse co-founded All-Wise Meadery, a brewery that’s located in Brooklyn. This actress has officially changed her name -. We had a lot of fun doing it. Get to Know the After We Collided Cast Better With This Game of "Who's Most Likely".


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