double pink poppies

Single dark purple, almost black Poppy.

A splendidly formed large dark pink. Copyright complaints  ~   10 30 Giant Yellow, " Golden Bowl" 15 50 palustris 15 50 Hollyhock, double red 20 75 Double pink 20 75 " white 20 75 " yellow 20 75 " sulphur 20 75,, . pkt.

225,265,729 stock photos, vectors and videos, Giant double pink poppy flower ( Papaver laciniata ),,, Double headed giant poppy flowers in pink,,, Close-up of giant pink double poppy growing wild in Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire, UK,, 'The Giant' Opium Poppy, Pionvallmo (Papaver somniferum),
Extra selected bulbs. ANTHERICUM Liliastrum Qiganteum {Giant St. Bruno's Lily), A wonderful improvement on the St. Bruno's Lily, of which it is a gigantic form. Rely on Shirley Double to self sow without becoming weedy. per pkt. ; $6.50 per 100.

Double scarlet. If you sear the cut end right away with a match, these poppies will last quite a long time as cut flowers. Choicest mixed colors., 'The Giant' Opium Poppy, Pionvallmo (Papaver somniferum),, Poppy Papaver somniferum.

20c 10 The Mikado—The petals are beautifully cut and fringed at the edges; color white, fringed brilliant scarlet.... 5French Ranunculus-Flowered—Double mixed. St. Brigid (Creagh Castle Strain).

71. Famarisefolla (Giant Yellow Tulip Poppy). 1 ft. All summer $1.25 $10.00 Barbatus (Sweet William) Copper Red. Poppies will readily re-seed without becoming a nuisance, perfectly dotting your landscape with their resilience for years to come.

Heliotrope, finest mixed 20 ^o 75 Lemoine' s Giant Hybrids 40 2 00 tieuchera sanguina, Jineperemzial 30 I So Heliopsis Pitcherianus, golden yellow .... 10 25 Hibiscus Africanus, cream color, brown centre 10 " Crimson Eye" 10 30 Giant Yellow, " Gt^/o'w .5(7W' 15 So palustris 15 So Hollyhock, double red 20 75 Double pink 20 75 " white 20 75 " yellow 20 75 " sulphur 20 75,, Dreer's wholesale price list for florists dreerswholesalep1936henr Year: 1936 St. Brigid Anemone Poppy-Flowered Anemones Giant French (De Caen).


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