despondent in a sentence

The workers failed to notice, and he grew increasingly despondent. We tried to list the best first. The despondent list of example sentences with despondent.

Adrift in a clueless no-man's-land, I felt my moods range from querulous to, 54. Baby's disposition or the behavior may have the change, if the fall in the blues, is, 43.

As she did all these things, she was in a most, 44.

Despondent; Meaning: [adjective] having no hope; miserable, very unhappy; Sally was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going in her life.. Susan becomes despondent at realizing their relationship is over.. Despondent definition is - feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression. Examples of despondent in a sentence: 1. Is there any reason to believe that your son was. 48. 20 editor-approved sample sentences for DESPONDENT. 3. become: Some years ago I became very. despondent sentence examples: a despondent country with a dysfunctional political system badly needs was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going.3.i hear he's a little despondent as the24-year-old is not getting despondent about his chances and remains eager to prove 2. I often felt a trifle despondent about my future. The despondent one aroused himself. The team returns to Eugene late Sunday afternoon, tired and, 36. In the dream, just like a soul-losing man, I had no where to pour out my love knot. Synonym Discussion of despondent.

Don't become despondent just because it seems that your employer 31. It was Fan Po - wen , looking no more cheerful than the, 46. The regiment, he said, is despondent over the accusations. 2. If you are depressed, you might describe your mood as, Sad, without much hope synonym dejected There are times when it is hard not to feel, Feel: Feeling despondent, he decides to transform himself into a dog of which his family will be proud. From a distance of two weeks, the initial reaction to defeat also seems unnecessarily, 34. That outstripped all the others except the despondent Ukrainians and Armenians.

How to use despondent in a sentence. From a distance of two weeks, the initial reaction to defeat also seems unnecessarily despondent. Adjective feeling or showing profound hopelessness, dejection, discouragement, or gloom: Despondent; Meaning: [adjective] having no hope; miserable, very unhappy; Sally was becoming increasingly, Despondency definition is - the state of being, Use "despondent" in a sentence Dorothy Bennett Dorothy Bennett entered the camp with her newborn baby, Violet in 1942. Despondent sentence examples:1.japan a Despondent country with a dysfunctional political system badly needs change.2.she was becoming increasingly Despondent about the way things were going.3.i hear he's a little Despondent as well.4.but the24-year-old is not getting Despondent about his chances and remains eager to prove Despondent, he goes out drinking with a co-worker. It's difficult to see despondent in a sentence .

It may also help to boost the spirits and is used in the care of stroke patients who are left feeling, 41. 57+6 sentence examples: 1. We should fall to work cheerfully, and not in a, 53. After I have been wakened back, a burst of melancholy makes me more, 57. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], But none of the Cleveland players appeared, By comparisonsentencedictcom she felt drained and, Tom Ripley had never really been despondent though he had often looked it, They were tired and despondent stooped in their waterproof coveralls, Despondent Richard called in sick at work for two weeks, It was senseless to be despondent anyway even as Tom Ripley, There are times when it is hard not to feel, Gill had been out of work for a year and was getting very, His work was rejected again and again and he grew more and more, He was up for a time and then without warning, She was bipolar as well: up and down fidgety and, The messenger departed in search of witch hazel for his neck leaving Blondel even more, The President had given top priority to achieving a nuclear test-ban treaty and was, He has no one to play ball with and tosses his ball against the wall in a most, Diana took the criticism to heart avidly read what was being said about her and became depressed and, But as the separation from her husband lengthened she found herself becoming increasingly, Like a bucket of cold water the harsh realities of life drown your sunny optimism leaving you feeling, A child who is too young to appreciate or be able to use a watch with different features and functions may find it difficult to work with and end up being. I have been out of work for six months and am getting very despondent about my future career. Despondent definition: If you are despondent , you are very unhappy because you have been experiencing... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Her husband Dennis had been shot by the ja pan ese and she became, If you are despondent, you are discouraged, very sad, and without hope. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. The twilight of the room prevented her father from seeing the, 50. The despondent one aroused himself. Don't become despondent if your product doesn't take off in its original state.

Isak was sorely despondent for some days.

In low spirits from loss of hope or courage.

And for that reason it was senseless to be, 32. Jo groaned and leaned both elbows on the table in a. 3.


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