colby brock smiling

You turned around, only to see Alex. “Yes, baby girl, you can go eat some cookies. I was a giggling mess. Please, let me finish and don’t worry about it.” Brennen jokingly yelled at me. Held her close to my chest. He reached across the table and grabbed your hand, bringing your attention back to him. “Does this count as stealing, I can’t tell, I’m hungry.” I speak up with chips in my mouth. “Hello gorgeous lady!” Brennan yells drunkenly.

You tried to be quiet and Colby listened to hear the cops. “I’ll make you fucking regret messing with my girl.” You pulled on Sam’s sleeve as he looked down at you, reassuring you. “You’re the odd one out, since you got stuck with me I couldn’t just let them chase you and not me, it would be suspicious, so hence why I’m telling you.” I look off at the park. I’m in love with the way she smiles when she asks me for something. I’m in love with the way she looks in the morning. He wrapped his arm around your neck, pulling you close into his chest. “Cookies? He wants you back, and when he finds you at a party, he’s all over with you. Months ago, this move would’ve brought a blush to your cheeks and butterflies swarming your stomach, but things have changed. “I’m sorry Kat it’s going too fast!” I say as I keep looking at Sam’s face in every passing picture.

He’s with Shea. Colby had suggested that the two of you go explore an abandoned building. “Colby, are you sure you want to keep the party going?” Sam inquired, his eyebrows furrowed in concern, though Colby simply nodded. You stood up, fixing your dress and followed your friends. Then you remembered just how happy you felt when you were around Colby, and all those dormant feelings slowly started to come back. I set Kobe down as Brennen prepared the shots. ”Okay, Colby. “To tell people we’re together. “Do you guys wanna go again?” Elton laughs and we all cheer, before we get out the pool and climb up the stairs again. ”Okay well, then. “Colbyyyyyy, my head hurts.” I whined into his pillow the next morning.“Well who’s fault is that? Somehow we ended up getting separated and I ended up being the last one to fall down the slide, my head first into the pool. She knew me as a person without knowing me as a friend. You remember the first time you ever saw Colby was on one of Brennan’s YouTube videos which you didn’t watch until you collided into Brennan. “I don’t think you sprinted.” Elton speaks up. What we doing?Colby: Just hanging out at Brennen’s place.You: Sounds cool, what time?Colby: I’ll come pick u up at around 5:30ish. You could hear footsteps behind you and you knew you were being chased, but you wouldn’t glance back to see how close they were. Everything started rushing through your head. “Yeah, I remember,” he said, his cheeks turning a little red. “Wanna hear something funny?” I look over to him and he has a smile on his face. He came out of his office and he sprinted to the bathroom. Thinking about it made your heart flutter a little bit in your chest. A few minutes later, you saw Colby walk in and you waved him over. “See you later, Ace!” He yelled, raising a finger from his head. “Is this real?” he whispered as tears brimmed over his eyes. No matter how petty you could be, or how angry, he would never take you seriously. She was young and bright, but as she said once before this world is toxic. You glanced back at your friends who were still dancing and singing. “What about you, Kevin?” He shook his head, flashing you a smile, “Still full, thanks Y/N.”. “No I think there’s another one, we’re better off if we split up.” I look over to Colby and he motions for me to follow him, we walk up to the counters and he looks over to me. It feels like yesterday I held her in my arms. “Wanna meet up?” he asked. “As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, nothing is more beautiful than you my darlin’.” I said as I cressed her cheek in my hand. When you got to your spot, you turned so you could face him. “Colby!” I screamed and started to laugh as he does the ‘jerking off’ motion. “Always.” I say, still focusing on his mask. “No way are you in here?” Elton moves the camera around looking for him. “Okay.” I let him go when we saw the group in the distance, Elton was setting up the camera for the outro. “Okay so what are we waiting for?” I speak up and look over to the group.

“And then you just turn it on.” She comments making Elton and I laugh harder. “Yes!” I exclaimed, and pulled it out, removing my towel from my body and putting the blanket on. In fact, I’ll order you all the food that you want because you’re making me a parent!” he shouted. “Ace, come on, give me a chance,” Alex tumbled around, holding onto random people. Kevin defensively stepped closer as Sam wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

David has fallen in love with somebody new. “Yeah no one is gonna find you.” Elton turns the camera to see me and Andrea grabbing a bag of chips. It’s been a couple of months and I’m ready.” I smile as he starts to rub my cheek with his thumb. A smile formed on your lips, as realized that Colby finally joined you. “I love her hair,” I say as I keep looking at her hair. ), Summary: Colby’s feelings towards the reader. “You managed not to look anywhere you weren’t supposed to!” Reggie says and he pats me on the back. “We almost went over the edge!” Colby screams repeatedly as he stands up and looks over to me. On three, one, two, three.” We all raised our hand in the air before repeating ‘push eachother off the slide’. “I probably would have told you how I felt, at sometime, and maybe we would’ve dated,” he finished. “Baby?” He murmured softly, gently kissing your head. When we entered my room, I went to change my clothes and came out to see an almost naked Colby. So he took you out to a nice meal, and then told you that it was over. “I just wanna cuddle.” He then grabs my body and pulls me closer. Colby sighed before taking a seat next to me and taking my hands in his. Word Count: 1,048.

“Dude that’s really good.” Elton says as he finally finds him.


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