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You need to know from their perspective what it takes to perform the responsibilities you’ll mention in the first half of your chemistry teacher job description. You'll show students the differences between chemicals and how to properly handle them when running experiments. If you want to work at a school, but aren't ready to manage a classroom, think about a career as an instructional coordinator. Check out these pros and cons to see if becoming a chemistry teacher is a good fit for you. in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Teaching Reading, EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Elementary Education, EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Middle Grades Education, EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Education, MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (45 Hours): Middle Grades Education, MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Early Childhood Education, MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Law (Non-Licensure), MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Technology (Non-Licensure), MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Elementary Education (Non-Licensure), BS: Education Non-Licensure: Elementary Education in Interdisciplinary Studies, BED: Education Licensure: Elementary Education, BED: Education Licensure: Middle Education - English, BED: Education Licensure: Middle Education - Social Sciences, BS: Education Non-Licensure: Early Childhood Education in Interdisciplinary Studies, Early Childhood Care and Development Diploma, Master: Teaching (for Aspiring Teachers: Grades 5-12), Master: Education (for Practicing Teachers: K-12), Master: Higher Education - College Teaching/Learning, B.S. A chemistry teacher must make the lesson plans for the year that will be relevant to the necessary curriculum. If you need some inspiration, look at these example chemistry teacher job responsibilities: Besides conveying what a successful applicant will do if hired for your open position, your chemistry teacher job description also needs to specify the job skills and qualifications that this individual must possess to succeed. in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in STEM (NITL), Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Math for Secondary Education, B.S.
High school teachers must be willing to create an environment that enables all students to have an opportunity to learn chemistry. According to the BLS, chemistry professors earned a median annual salary of about $71,000 in 2011. Top In this role, you'll be able to manage a public school district's curriculum as it relates to what students learn in the classroom. Some districts allow you to work on provisional certification while you start teaching their classes. These requirements this can vary from state to state, as well as from school to school. Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They should demonstrate patience flexibility, fairness, and humor.and. I don’t know how much training you need. Testing will help the teacher verify the difficulty and safety levels, as well as the relevance of that experiment. There are opportunities to organize and submit your research projects, as well as access online instructional materials that can help your students better understand chemistry and science in general. The chemistry teacher will discuss the many uses of chemicals, their dangerous properties, how to properly use and dispose of them, and other related topics.

Amazon Doesn't Want You to Know About This Plugin. Early Childhood Education - Non-Licensure, B.S. Additionally, starting and maximum salaries could be higher for high school teachers holding master's degrees in some school districts. @miriam98 - I think that there is some flexibility for middle school science teachers. Start off by consulting with senior leadership, or the direct supervisors of the role in question. Learn about a little known plugin that tells you if you're getting the best price on Amazon. As a chemist, you'll study and analyze the structure and behavior of substances by conducting various lab experiments. It's common to engage in lab experiments that test theoretical concepts and formulas. Schools typically hire teachers who have studied their subject area, so you would earn a bachelor's degree in chemistry. You'll need to track student attendance and keep in touch with parents and school administrators regarding the progress of your students. The job growth for chemists is expected to be slow in the coming years with only a four percent growth between 2010 and 2020, according to the BLS. You'll need to teach students about the scientific process and show students how to care for chemicals. in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in STEM (ITL), M.Ed.

@hamje32 - Sorry, I beg to differ. Additionally, the BLS reported that the bottom ten percent of all high school teachers earned about $37,000 annually or less, while the top ten percent earned about $89,000 or more. In my opinion you’re not accomplishing anything if you can’t get the stuff across. It may be the shorter of the two sections, but it’s no less important than your list of responsibilities. While most experiments have already been well-tested and utilized in the classroom, a teacher may always choose to try something unique, or an experiment that relates somehow to current news and events.

In some cases, you may be required to earn a master's degree shortly after earning this certification. Check out these real job postings from real employers in April 2012: Chemistry teachers have a number of ways to get ahead in the field. Public school teachers, on the other hand, must always be licensed or certified by the state. All rights reserved, Teach three junior-level and three senior-level chemistry courses per school year, including at least one advanced placement course, following course requirements as outlined by the department, Design, test and supervise weekly laboratory experiments relevant to the current lessons being taught in class, Ensure students understand and follow all safety rules for laboratory experiments and are aware of the proper actions to take during accidents and emergencies, Assign and evaluate all coursework, submit grades and maintain contact with parents regarding student performance, Work to ensure all students are well prepared for state exams and meet school and state goals for student competency, Maintain strict records of student attendance, participation, homework, lab work and test results, Plan and supervise at least one field trip per school year, obtaining parental permission for all students involved and ensuring student safety when outside the school, Attend parent-teacher conferences each semester and have detailed evaluations ready to share for all students, Ability and desire to teach a diverse student body, Excellent communication skills and ability to simply explain complex concepts, Two or more years teaching science or chemistry in a public high school setting, Experience conducting laboratory experiments with students, Instruct students during classroom lectures and lab sessions, Select and create course materials such as textbooks, handouts and homework assignments, Write course syllabus and inform students of expectations, assignment schedule and grading policy, Evaluate student work, then assign points and letter grades, Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, science or relevant discipline, Current state-issued teacher’s certification, 3 to 5 years’ previous experience teaching at the high school level, Strong communication, interpersonal and instructional skills.
If there are a few teachers to teach math, for example, they may hire people with math degrees but who don’t yet have formal educational credentials. Elementary teachers typically teach more general types of science that include basic chemistry experiments, but will usually not teach chemistry as a topic for the entire year. Chemistry teachers must incorporate lab experiments as central to their curriculum. Chemistry teachers inform students about the uses and dangers of chemicals and how to safely conduct experiments. High school chemistry teachers help students learn about chemistry through lessons, projects and laboratory experiments, a task that is both challenging and rewarding. It must communicate the essential responsibilities and tasks that the new hire will perform to support your organization. Outside of the classroom, you may be charged with providing additional instruction to students who are behind on their lessons. A public high school in Massachusetts is looking for a chemistry teacher who can plan a science program that incorporates demonstrations, lectures and lab experiments. He is also responsible for designing, executing, and supervising laboratory experiments that are relevant to the lessons. You'll need to meet the state's requirements to be a chemistry teachers, which means holding a bachelor's degree and being certified to teach. For instance, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) frequently organizes conferences and workshops for science teachers of all backgrounds to learn about the field and ways to better instruct students. However, the BLS notes that this could vary between states and cities, based on individual budgets. You should also write this portion clearly, so that prospects can easily read it and compare their own qualifications with your specifications. The teacher is responsible for teaching many aspects of chemistry, which mainly involve the various chemical properties of substances, as well as the processes that they undergo under a wide variety of circumstances. A chemistry teacher is a type of science teacher that specializes in the scientific discipline of chemistry. In addition to the appropriate education and credentials, as an aspiring high school teacher, you should also possess certain abilities and qualities that are typically necessary for the job. The required education level and specialization should be included in your chemistry teachers job description, in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Christian Education, B.S. There are alternative routes to certification available depending on the subject matter and how badly they need to fill the position. They must also stay up-to-date on current events and teaching trends among other chemistry teachers worldwide, while staying involved with their peers by attending school events. Introductory chemistry courses are offered online for free at the University of California, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, the Massachusetts... Students who are interested in studying chemistry for free can find online courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Open... What is your high school graduation status? We believe all students can achieve greatness, and you’ll be expected to hold high standards and encourage students to live up to them. Elementary Education (Non-Licensure). After all teaching these difficult subjects is very much in demand, and most teaching professionals don’t want to even mess with this stuff. I’ve heard horror stories from students who took classes from teachers who knew their subjects, but couldn’t teach. Check out the following suggestions you may want to follow to ensure you leave that interview with a confident smile on your face.

I think that we should be more flexible, at least for things like general chemistry.


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