chanbaek proof

How sweet! OH AND EVEN THE MV HAD CHANBAEK MOMENTS AND THEIR POSTERS AS WELL! oh I forgot to mention not long after their behaviour, Jongdae said it was getting hella awkward lmao our sassy queen knew something was up. But I agree with you on everything, especially about the reason why SM won’t announce that they are real (if they are). And let me just say (not saying people do…I think) if you ever leave this amazing group called Exo, just because we, the people you other people think is stupid and stuff, then this fandom just ain’t right for you I guess, because we will obviously like different things, like the songs they sing, our bias’ and ships, but in the end we are still Exo-L’s and we need to act like true fans. The baekxing incident where they were at an awards show and Baekhyun of course, can’t keep still and decided to play around with Yixing’s pants - he had holes and so Baekhyun put in his fingers. He was always cared for and was never really left to himself until he entered the idol world, where he received praise yes, but also a lot of hate and criticism. Watch and create more animated gifs like EXO ChanBaek/BaekYeol proof / evidence 1 at I can tell from experience that a person like that, I mean a real soulmate, is very, very rare to find. It’s Baekhyun’s favorite song on the album, as well.

he LEGIT caressed Chanyeol’s peck y'all don’t fight me on this. If you keep a sharp eye on Baek, you will notice that it’s not really hard to spot his jealous face whenever Chanyeol’s attention is on someone else. ❤️// Warning: This blog is full of chanbaek, delusions, overreacting, fangirlling, appreciation of visuals, and most likely over analyzations. THEY WON BEST COUPLE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AND WERE VOTED THE MOST ON WE GOT MARRIED! Oh, and please let’s not forget that everyone and I mean everyone has heard of CHANBAEK. We cannot surely say that they are gay - but we cannot surely say that they are straight either, can we? You could see him get so shy. Baekhyun is obviously the angel. I WAS LOOKING THROUGH MY HOME THE BAEKYEOL THREAD AND I SAW SOME PEOPLE DISCUSSING IT BUT BUT BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO GET MY HOPES UP SINCE IT WASN’S POSTED EVERYWHERE ON TUMBLR AND WHATEVER! But before I wrap this up, I would like to say I agree with what you said that we will never know what Chan and Baek’s real sexuality is, sure I make analysis’ but I’m never being 100 or even 50% sure about what the heck I’m talking about because I don’t know them, I can’t 100% assume anything.

Don’t judge a person when you don’t even know them, don’t assume when you don’t know the meaning behind their actions, and don’t hate just because you’re jealous. When a male and a female idol are ‘caught’ smiling at each other or having some sort of skinship, everyone is quick to assume that there must be something going on between them even though this does not have to be the case at all. the way his hands slide up behind his back were so soft and caring like they used to it. People have no right to call us stupid or delusional for believing in something that they believe is fake. How is that a Chanbaek moment?” And so I told her it was because Chanyeol usually takes the confetti off Baekhyun’s head, and so it shows that they don’t change (in a good way).

DO YOU KNOW WHY THE CHANBAEK SHIPPERS ARE GASPING AND CRYING IN THE CORNER IN JOY? I think the SM knew that the relationship between Baekhyun and Taeyeon would bring publicity to SNSD EXO and that means more money for SM so consider the SM knew it would be good for them. Despite this, I’ve found that it seems Chanyeol prefers staying at his apartment and driving himself. I can’t wait for the monster teaser (there will be one, right?)! To sum it up, Chanyeol is special to Baekhyun, no matter how you decide to define ‘special’ here. Moving on. ^^ I will refer to myself as anon-dream if that’s okay with you :) So, I saw you answering a question about ChanBaek’s possessiveness and apparently, you had asked Baek-stans to share their opinion about the latter’s personality which I would gladly do, if you allow me. PROOF from the story THE OTHER → ChanBaek by JA-Park (Alexa Park) with 3,996 reads. In the first shot, we have two clues (aside from the fact we can see Baekhyun filmed this on the day of the Mugi Box - what a day!). Ahhh, I always love reading you guy’s thoughts and submissions and all that stuff. It’ll make you more observant. In fact, there are a lot of popular ships I don’t get any romantic vibes from either.

The ‘I love you’ sign, and that he has done it before, during happy camp. How would you know if they are gay, bi, straight and whatever?” and then my sibling rolls her eyes at me and mumbles that I’m delusional. (PS, have any questions about this ship?

I mean, when some chanbaek moment come some fans say things like “chanbaek is not real” “oh yeah, Chanbaek is real but Baek had a girlfriend, of course” I’m in a group of facebook about EXO and yesterday all the post in the group was about the chanbaek hug and all fine with that but when I went to the comentaries I saw some coments like “OMG STOP WITH THAT” or things like that. This is Chanyeol legit exposing ChanBaek and my mind swaying between baekyeol fluff and baekyeol 50 shades because of that picture. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

Oops sorry sorry, I’ll actually explain it, or the picture will…, “I love you” in sign language, and if you have seen the whole thing, you’ll see that Chanyeol only did that to Baek, then the smile, and the gentle way Baek held Chan’s wrist and… *dies*.

Firstly, most importantly- ChanBaek is not real. “‘Cause we’re not friends, We Could Be everything” That phrase goes with them, they are not just friends, can be whatever they want if they try but things are not so easy. And please not that picture was not on stage, although as you can tell, Chanyeol was much more touchy. I daresay most of ya’ll probably would just see a cute picture of the boys being happy lalalalala~ BUT! I think the looks are given B and C are proof enough, their eyes embrace more than a glance, conveys feelings.

and how hard he works on himself jus to make him appear like some self-centered, racist douchebag that he isn’t. Do some people not ship Chanbaek because they are unable to see the signs and the really subtle moments between the two? You may have also noticed that Chanyeol comes in his own car a lot to events, which obviously makes sense that he’s coming from elsewhere compared to the rest of the group. Obviously I told them there was no problem with posting about the embrace Chanbaek but some told me things like “Chanbaek is not real, understand at once,” and said the Chanbaek time I saw here ah (you’re the best lol) I started to explain on Chanbaek with all the patience he had, some realized that there was a possibility that there was an attraction but others just kept saying it was not real without taking the time to see the evidence. He was used to being loved and adored and not to being bashed - and we all know how often Baekhyun got/gets bashed for things he says/does. First off - I’m 99% sure it’s not the dorm. please discuss with me if you like or have questions!!! Published Feb 29, 2016 . I really like the tune in the teaser, and I’m really excited! There are so many ChanBaek shippers who make an effort to analyse their moments and look at them from many perspectives, who carefully watch Chanyeol and Baekhyun and are even critical whenever a moment is not a moment after all, even though it might upset them (our Admin here is one of those people, along with the legendary admins of lets-talk-baekyeol, lebaekyeol, parkbaekssi and many other people) and yet it is them who are called delusional at the end of the day. Thank you for submitting, I love fanart of CB! Good Morning, ya’ll. I bet you the manager was like “I only have one umbrella” and was conveniently close to Chanbaek, then he smirks and goes like “Why don’t you two share this umbrella, you’ve done it before, so you shouldn’t mind getting a nice and close right?”.


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