celluloid heroes meaning
The actors mentioned are Greta Garbo, Rudolph Valentino, Bela Lugosi, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, George Sanders, and Mickey Rooney, although the verse mentioning the latter three is omitted in some recorded versions of the song (e.g. Dedicated Follower of Fashion 4 interpretations; 1981. "Celluloid Heroes" is a song performed by The Kinks and written by their lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Ray Davies.

Where our ''celluloid heroes'' sadly didn't seemed as real and important for us as they were in the movie shows, compare to real life Heroes that gave a helping hand when losing our loved ones for real who were and are the real Heroes in God's name that didn't die in vain. Your email address will not be published. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. you know, I think we may have to go all the way back to Behind Enemy Lines on this one. And those works of ‘art’ are just the tip of the psywar iceberg. Expansion of the war into Somalia could prove to be a tough sell with the American people though. Required fields are marked *, © Center for an Informed America, LLC | All Rights Reserved, The Internet’s Best Source for Disinformation-Free News and Commentary. Fleming was a British intelligence operative during (and after) World War II, when he worked closely with Nazi ‘defector’ Rudolph Hess and a rather notorious character named Aleister Crowley – a flamboyant occultist, British and probable U.S. intelligence operative, and avid German and Nazi propagandist during World Wars I and II. “Radio and television are psychological warfare.” Herbert Mullin, falsely accused and convicted Santa Cruz serial killer and the son of a highly-decorated WWII Army Captain. That would be like, say, suggesting that the hero played by Brad Pitt in that wretched movie about Tibet was actually a Nazi seeking ‘proof’ of Aryan supremacy. The point I was trying to make is that a psywar campaign has been in effect for quite some time now to condition the American people for what has been occasionally billed as World War III. As a brief aside, I just realized that I wrote “U.S. Occasionally, an … /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ And Collateral Damage (Ahhnuld takes on the terrorists), We Were Soldiers (Mel Gibson helps rewrite the Vietnam War), Hart’s War (Bruce Willis helps rewrite WWII), The Farm (aka the CIA’s training center in Langley, Virginia), Bad Company (more of the same), Spy Kids 2, The Accidental Spy, I Spy, and the further adventures of fictional ‘spies’ James Bond and Jack Ryan. But at least that film didn’t romanticize the military exploits of a child molester. With military and intelligence types overrunning both the big and small screens, some might be tempted to ponder whether there isn’t a coordinated psychological warfare campaign being waged against the American people to condition them to support a serious expansion of the ‘War on Terrorism.’ In retrospect, some skeptics in the crowd might even wonder whether the country hasn’t been being primed for a major war for quite some time. It is also, for instance, a shameless glorification of a convicted child rapist and sodomizer.

Far be it from me to suggest that the larger-than-life hero up there is actually a convicted pedophile. Although their previous single had been a top 20 hit on the UK singles chart, "Celluloid Heroes" failed to chart. And the funny thing is that if you scratch beneath the surface of virtually any of these untimely deaths, you find the same cast of characters that you find lurking about the fringes of any self-respecting political ‘conspiracy theory’ – namely Mafioso, native and imported fascists, drug traffickers, and intelligence operatives. Death of a Clown 0 interpretations; 1966. song: "Celluloid Heroes", }; By the time the real Hitler stepped onto the world stage, therefore, the American people were predisposed to view the silly-looking character as little more than a joke. In 1923, matinee idol Wally Reid was found dead in a padded cell at the mental hospital to which he had been confined. In September of 1920, Olive Thomas – a beautiful and very young actress with everything to live for – purportedly killed herself by overdosing on, of all things, mercury. As for the spy trade, there have historically been two primary representations of intelligence operatives in our propaganda entertainment media, both of them grotesquely disinformational and at least one of them crafted by the spooks themselves. Shit happens. Probably so, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway – along with the fact that the two men were born just hours apart: Chaplin on April 18, 1889 and Hitler on April 20, 1889. Anyway, the point here is that we know that the CIA’s crack counterterrorism experts had no hint of the impending attacks because if they did they would have heroically risen to the task of saving the lives of the doomed inhabitants of the World Trade Center towers, just like they do every week on TV. Simpson’s personal physician and apparent drug supplier had likewise been found dead, in Simpson’s poolhouse, and likewise was said to be the victim of a drug overdose. Rockland Women’s Circle invites ‘Becoming Eve’ author Abby Stein. January 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) "Celluloid Heroes" is a song performed by The Kinks and written by their lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Ray Davies. The funny thing was though that Charlie pretty much wore the same makeup to play the Fuhrer that he had been wearing for the previous twenty years. The other predominant image of the intelligence community that has permeated the media is that of ‘the gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ – the spy as a well-intentioned, bumbling fool. Of course, using the magic of Hollywood to transform repellent cultural and historical figures into screen heroes is standard operating procedure in Tinseltown. Ince caught a bullet to the head in November of 1924 while attending a private party aboard William Randolph Hearst’s yacht (though it was claimed that Ince died of natural causes, a story propagated primarily by Hearst’s own newspapers).


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