byun baek beom wedding

I saw a lot of articles earlier today regarding EXO's member Baekhyun's older brother's wedding and decided to share my thoughts. Baekhyun byun baek beom Byun Baekbeom EXO Wiki Fando ... (Byun Baekbeom's) wedding ^^ and im glad that SM allowed him to go ^^ Betcha is the third track on EXO's Baekhyun's debut solo EP, City Lights. *face palm*, Oh My God ! This may be sad to say, but even haters are better than these sasaeng people…. Бён Бэк Хён (Byun Baek Hyun, 변백현). This Is What We Know, The KPop World in 2020: Idols That We Look Forward To the Next Year, Top 10 Things You Should Get A K-pop Fan For The Holidays, TWICE's Producer Unveils Why Nayeon Always Sings the First Lines, K-Netizens Accuse Red Velvet Yeri of Imitating BLACKPINK Jennie, K-Netz Point Out Red Velvet Yeri's Problematic Past Actions In Light of Irene's Attitude Controversy, Several K-Pop Groups Submit Nominations for The 2021 Grammy Awards, Editor Exposes Celebrity’s True Personality + K-Netz Post Speculations, Netizens Are Divided Over IZ*ONE's New Vogue Pictorial, BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals She Never Forced a Specific Vocal Tone, BLACKPINK Jennie Poses As Chanel’s Muse for W Korea, EXO Sehun Chosen As The New Face of Dior Men. I mean, dont you all feel angry reading this?

I mean if someone basically just crashed your brother or sister's wedding won't you be mad? I am sad as Baekhyun’s Cousin and therefore leave a post. Fascinating Facts About EXO’s Baekhyun: What do all of you think? My. They said, “Don’t do this right now. Why would you do this?!”.

That is not love or admiration, is insanity! Try treating us like we’re insects one more time, we really don’t know what we’ll do next time. Baekhyun’s brother also married his life partner on September 29, 2013.

What is wrong with these people? Why would you do this?!”.

Sasaengs are seriously messed up. Hell, even one of the sasaeng fans at the wedding wrote a post basically threatening Baekhyun. Lest we forget one of the members of EXO’s family was getting married and thousands of fans caused havoc at the […]. 2. As you all know, it was beom's birthday and as a relative, i was already there early but as people started arriving, young people i have never seen before appeared and disrupted us, stood there, sat on the chairs that were for guests, etc.

Bacon 25 Ağustos 2018.

Now I understand why Tao has lost his patience and posted his rant about not getting privacy and being stalked on his Weibo account. Throughout the entire wedding, Baekhyun kept apologizing over and over to everyone. 2. Crazy people in this world.

At the wedding Baekhyun was ignoring the fans and one of the fan hit his throat!!


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