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But what has gone away is Chan’s lack of judgement, because most, if not ALL his film in the past nine years have been middling at best or incredibly awful at worst. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Apparently, every Australian in the film is either a rapist (every man in the slum Nancy visits wants to rape her), a racist (a Uni student claims she doesn’t understand Chinglish [sic]), a bully, an idiot, an insane person, (a TV reporter sounds like she’s having a stroke) a killer, a thief or even Australians playing foreigners, badly. Variety Another comedic setpiece involves Lo fighting slum-residing rapists (who happen to know parkour because every person who lives in the slums knows parkour) with his belt, doing a terrible Bruce Lee impression with his pants down. This film it's not that bad, but i dont like the intro because i think it's so long it takes more than 2 minutes. Jackie Chan heads to Sydney to film Chinese science-fiction thriller Bleeding Steel By Sarah Thomas Updated June 17, 2016 — 11.39am first published at 8.08am Aside from Battle of Memories (which also came out in 2017), it was possibly Stephen Chow’s CJ7, and that came out 9 years ago.

You can’t get any worse than this. Film lover. Speaking of disappointing, what was the last good science-fiction film from the Chinese market that was actually good? A Special Forces Agent is assigned to protect a scientist and his creation from a sinister gang. ( Log Out /  Can costumes be susceptible to gas? How does transferring blood transfer memories? | Nana Ouyang (known as a talented cellist) has a charming presence but she isn’t much of an actress due to her wooden delivery while Erica Xia-hou gives a bland performance as the superfluous cop partner of Lin Dong, who presumably is in the film because she’s a co-writer of the script. who is in charge of handling protection for Dr. James (Kim Gyngell), a scientist specializing in “bioroid” soldiers, who is on the run from one of these hybrid mercenaries, Andre (Callan Mulvey), one of his experiments gone wrong. But even by China-market standards, this is just god-awful. His introduction into the film involves crossdressing and implying to go down under a man from Down Under. We have the same mechanical heart.

Unlike Kung Fu Yoga, the quality of the film is so low that you can invite your mates for a drinking night to watch the film and you’ll be guaranteed fits of laughter. The action choreography of the shootouts, along with the Hollywood-like editing and the professional use of pyrotechnics are well-done and it promises to be a good start for the film, at least from an action stand-point. With two hints of disappointment, there is some hope. Siwei Cui (screenplay by), Bleeding Steel is just one big pile of awfulness that it becomes shockingly funny. And the drama is incredibly mishandled, with a dramatic character reveal so obvious that even a coma victim could figure it out. Makes love to film. The highly-anticipated action scene set on top of the Sydney Opera House is hugely disappointing due to the routine fight choreography, the distracting green screen and the sloppy direction from Leo Zhang. It just feels rote, even with the supposed one-take action sequence in the climax involving three opponents. The film takes place in 2020.

Prime Video has your Halloween picks covered, including a groundbreaking zombie film, an adventure to discover alien life, and a whodunit that will keep you guessing till the end. She does her best with her action scenes and the role but the terrible script and sloppy direction let her down. They also figure out what the budget was spent on.Original Trailer: Adam and Jay make fools of themselves:Every Trailer Reaction: Movie Trailer Reactions: Movie Trailer Reactions: Game Trailer Reaction: Movie Trailer Reaction: Trailer Reaction: Movie Trailer Reaction: Movie Trailer Reaction:’s YT Page w/ stand up, sketches, and other projects:’s YT page w/ stand up: Oh God, my head hurts! Speaking of head injuries, the costumes for the bioroids (more like hemorrhoids) look incredibly cheap (there’s a scene where Lo plays with the broken visor that looks like an outtake shoved in the film) and the CGI (for a budget that is apparently the highest budget for a Chinese film set in Australia) and make-up prosthetics look so ghastly that the film looks it belongs in the SyFy channel.

That pretty much tells you the amount of effort that went into this film, because Bleeding Steel is one of the worst films, not only of 2017, but in Jackie Chan’s career. But what people will not get is the Jackie Chan magic. 21 January 2020 View all posts by Harris Dang, […] films like this, The Dragon Pearl and Bleeding Steel, if this is the best the Chinese and Australians can do with their collaborations, then they should […]. And like Jackie Chan himself, the magic is gone and that is no laughing matter. Having the camera closer to see the performers would be nice, but little to that type of invention rarely ever happens.   |  And as expected, the strong xenophobia is back. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. Thanks to Dr. James's blood, not only will I get my powers back, but your blood will give me the ability to regenerate. She seeks advice first from a witch doctor, then a hypnotist and so on (consisting of people dressed up like rejects of Pirates of the Caribbean).

Variety ‘The Hunting,’ With Tony Leung, Leads Influx of Chinese Projects Into France, 18 June 2019 Why is the covert found footage in the video camera filmed like a documentary, complete with narration?

The action scenes are incredibly underwhelming and furiously edited to the point that it becomes exhausting rather than exciting. And last and definitely the least, there’s Callan Mulvey as the main villain, Andre. Cast: Jackie Chan, Show Lo, Nana Ouyang, Erica Xia-Hou, Callan Mulvey, Tess Haubrich, Kim Gyngell

Why is there a well of lava on the spaceship? EXPECTATIONS: More Jackie Chan China-market garbage. The world's first super bio-warrior. Lionsgate's 2018 release of this movie removed all Mandarin spoken in the movie. It also doesn’t help that none of the supporting actors who play the villains are actual martial artists nor they are a decent compliment to Jackie Chan himself. 5つ星のうち3.0 Bleeding Steel 2018年6月8日にドイツでレビュー済み Amazonで購入 Kann man sich ansehen, ist aber kein Muss. Despite proving to have solid comedic chops in Stephen Chow films like Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons and The Mermaid, in Bleeding Steel he is an incredibly annoying presence that you just want Jackie to break his neck.

She seeks advice first from a witch doctor, then a hypnotist and so on (consisting of people dressed up like rejects of, Barnaby Joyce video with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Movie Review – Guardians of the Tomb – FILM-MOMATIC REVIEWS, Follow FILM-MOMATIC REVIEWS on, Monster Fest Review – In Search of Darkness. Maria Trần calls the shots in ‘Echo 8’, 16 January 2020 It is quite apparent that infantile, low-brow comedy is one of the hallmarks for the China-market and Bleeding Steel is no exception. Some have said this is a goof, but it's obviously a joke, as he's under cover. 109 min When Ling Dong is working in the cafe at around the 33 minute mark, his name tag is Jackie Chan. There’s even obvious CGI water where characters are swimming in the ocean. Lover of film. Nancy (Taiwanese teen idol-cellist Nana Ouyang), a Chinese girl raised in an orphanage, who is tormented by nightmares of a past life, interspersed with visions of a beating full-metal heart. Bleeding Steel is just one big pile of awfulness that it becomes shockingly funny. And that is it for the positives, because the rest is just putrefying garbage. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Andre: Es gibt bessere Filme mit Jackie Chan. When it spectacularly goes wrong, 13 years pass (where some characters don’t age a day, apparently) and we see Nancy (Taiwanese teen idol-cellist Nana Ouyang), a Chinese girl raised in an orphanage, who is tormented by nightmares of a past life, interspersed with visions of a beating full-metal heart.


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