biologic eye drops

Obtaining biologics for any patients can be more complicated than traditional medications.

Another reason Dr. Gupta likes the drop is because it’s made at a compounding pharmacy that ships the vials directly to the patient who can freeze them until needed. 2017;2:CD009327.

And because there are no standardized, enriched, allogeneic, cGMP processed and potentially longer term–reimbursed serum drops approved as yet by the FDA.

Regener-Eyes LITE is perfect for your mild to moderate patients.
These are patients typically with severe debilitating dry eye as a result of a bone marrow transplant. Regener-Eyes is acellular, meaning all cells, DNA, and debris is taken out of the product, Regener-Eyes® Clinical Outcomes – SPEED Questionnaire and Severity Scores, Regener-Eyes® – Wound Healing Validated Scratch Test, Regener-Eyes® LITE – Case Study – Dr. Mark Varnum, 1 – 4 drops per eye / day depending on severity and physician’s recommendation.

The bioavailability of traditional ocular drug delivery systems such as eye drops is very poor because the eye is protected by a series of complex defense mechanisms that make it difficult to achieve an effective drug concentration within the target area of the eye.

The newer models of the self-retaining amniotic membrane are purportedly more comfortable than the old ones, with which his patients sometimes complained of discomfort, Dr. Jeng noted. As for amniotic membrane, there are two ways to use this for persistent epithelial defects, he pointed out. Please consult with your physician for guidance and treatment options regarding any diseases or conditions discussed in this site. Pharmaceuticals are small molecules that usually only affect one pathway and some with unknown mechanisms of action. Pan Q, et al. “It requires a blood draw every 6 weeks or so,” she said, adding that some blood banks are able to manage batches so that the patient can go less frequently.
Regener-Eyes® Professional Strength is refrigerated and formulated for severe patients. Through a strategic partner, Cambium began commercializing worldwide in 2015 Aurarix™ in the stem cell growth supplement market under the trademarks UltraGRO Advanced™ and UltraGRO Pure™ .

Regener-Eyes® LITE and Regener-Eyes® Professional Strength are made from the same sterile platform technology and 771 bio-engineered proteins (cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, and hyaluronic acid). Many dry eye patients respond well to traditional therapies such as Restasis (cyclosporine, Allergan, Dublin, Ireland) and Xiidra (lifitegrast, Shire, Lexington, Massachusetts).

Second, because donors tend to be younger and generally healthier than patient sourced platelets, and because donor platelets are pooled prior to processing—the level and consistency of key platelet components per batch are generally better. Overall, with success such as this and compounding becoming more available, Dr. Gupta expects to see other biologics come out of this category. One, these centers know and are overwhelmingly focused on blood safety.


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