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Churches, chapels and synagogues were converted into warehouses, cultural centres, NKVD offices, workshops, barracks, or prisons. The 1994 Constitution originally defined a limit of two terms for the President. His cabinet was composed of young, talented newcomers as well as Kebich veterans who had not fully supported Kebich. The four-question referendum that had prompted the parliamentary hunger strike in April 1994 was held on May 15, 1995. Т. ІІ. “During 1991-1995, with the support of international organizations, Belarus initiated preliminary reforms toward transforming into a market economy,” according to the World Bank’s 2003 Belarus Country Brief. During the same period, Belarus transferred all the nuclear warheads to Russia. However, the July 1919 offensive by Poland brought an end to the republic's existence. The Communist Party of Spain demands that the European Union not contribute to the destabilization of Belarus, and that the member countries accept the results of the presidential elections. Interested in joining? Belarus' conservative Supreme Soviet continued to put obstacles in the path of reform. When the contradictions between the imperialist blocs intensify, they want us to believe that it is a matter of democracy or dictatorship. Lukashenko has also at times emphasized or de-emphasized the Union Treaty with Russia based on political expediency. [4] The Belarusian Foreign Ministry announced that the statement from Secretary Rice "are a poor basis" to form a good Belarusian-American alliance. A „blacklist” of nationalists was created. On Aug. 12, a member of Tsikanouskaya’s campaign staff published a video appeal openly calling for foreign intervention and for other countries to recognize Tsikanouskaya as the “only legally-elected President.”, Lithuania accepted. 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A.,“The Limits of the EU Governance: Belarus ' Response to the European Neighbourhood Policy”, Contemporary Politics, Vol.15(2), June 2009, pp. At the same time, the Communist Party of Spain condemns the hypocrisy and interventionism of the United States in Belarus and in Europe: disregarding the rules of coexistence between countries and following the old imperial practices, they try to overthrow governments to impose client regimes and maintain their hegemony over the European continent. For example, on 1 January 1933, the Communist Party had 65,040 members, but by 1934 the membership had dropped to 37,909 and by 1937 to 31,603. & Bosse, G.,“Changing Belarus ? In May 2001, a complaint was lodged with the ILO by several trade union organizations. Aug 16 was to be a decisive anti-government march in Minsk, calling for an end to the “bloody regime.” Yet more than 65 thousand people from all over Belarus joined in a pro-government rally. After the CPB was banned in the wake of the August 1991 coup d'état, Belarusian communists regrouped and renamed themselves the Party of Communists of Belarus (PCB), which became the umbrella organization for Belarus's communist parties and pro-Russian groups. Opposition parties are permitted, but they have had little electoral success. The Belarusian state took control over most production, and much of the country’s GDP funded social programs and subsidies. In this new crisis, the involvement of Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic is. Privatization and antagonism towards Russia are signals of willingness to open the economy to Western capital, and earned Lukashenko praise from imperialist powers. [1] Ірына Раманава. A worrying week has passed since the election of the Belarusian head of state on August 9, 2020. It is no secret that "Poland has taken the strongest lead against the ongoing repression in Belarus, hosting broadcasting stations for opposition forces" like Belsat, and "giving asylum to a number of exiled figures."[6]. According to the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, Belarus's constitution is "illegal and does not respect minimum democratic standards and thus violates the principles of separation of powers and the rule of law". [4] This number does not include the more than 14,000 Polish officers kept in prisoner-of-war camps or those who had been arrested and sentenced before the mass deportations started. On September 18, the parliament dismissed its chairman, Mikalay Dzyemyantsyey, for siding with the coup and replaced him with his deputy, Stanislav Shushkevich. Were he with us today, Lenin would likely be rather disappointed with his Belarusian successors.


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