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On Monday night, Canadians watched the first and only official English-language debate ahead of the general election on Oct. 21. Burnaby Conservative unreachable after months of interview ... Glacier Community Media © Copyright ® 2013 -, Have the Burnaby Now delivered to your inbox twice a week! Turns out Scheer also had a few secrets to reveal. Canadian comedy and social commentary legend Rick Mercer has fired back at the Conservative Party of Canada and a Burnaby federal election candidate over a meme that faked one of his most famous quotes.

Nobody running for prime minister has asked another country to investigate an opponent. #WhoAreThesePeople? Related Stories. As one conservative insider said, “who knew gray came in so many shades.”. Please Stop. …. Canadians need to think this one through.

He is an officer of the Commonwealth and the de-facto leader of the Commonwealth Military. On Monday night, Canadians watched the first and only official English-language debate ahead of the general election on Oct. 21. Mercer is a main character first encountered in Issue 177 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. Several years after Rick Grimes' death, Mercer and Juanita are still a couple living happily at the Commonwealth. Can you ID them? Rick Mercer weighs in with a special rant for Canadians. According to Elections Canada, "there is no prohibition in the Canada Elections Act with respect to false or misleading statements about endorsements.". Nobody saw this coming. He also wears colorful socks. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. The meme was posted on the Facebook page of the Burnaby North-Seymour Conservative Constituency Association – the candidate for the riding is Heather Leung. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, watched the first and only official English-language debate. On Oct. 21 Canadians will plug their noses and go to the polls. Watch episodes of The Rick Mercer report now on CBC Gem. remain at elevated levels on Friday with 223 new cases, (Video) Police seek man who might know something about Burnaby arson spree, Opinion: Entitled Burnaby diners demanding 10-person tables 'or else', Court action aims to remove Vancouver city councillor from office. Nobody has saddled anyone with a witty Trumpian moniker such as “low energy,” “nasty” or “stupid.” Neither Russia nor China is attempting to influence our election — the Canadian intelligence community reports that they are unaware that we are having one. Leung’s supporters also posted a comment underneath the Facebook post that says, “We need a strong wind to push him to his death.” This comment was posted six days ago and was still up on the page as of Tuesday morning.You can read that story here. Leung has repeatedly refused to respond to messages from the media for comment on her policies. Not true. The third blackface photo was not in a yearbook but I think it was found on Google Earth. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 's back-to-school plan has me riding an emotional rollercoaster. #yuck.”. Watch out, Three more Burnaby schools hit by COVID-19 exposures, Opinion: ‘Dan in Burnaby’ misses tax deadline, cries about 10% penalty, Opinion: 'Charles in Burnaby’ says strata 'forcing' him to wear a mask. Dear @AndrewScheer & good folks at @Cpc_hq - Your candidate in Burnaby North Seymour is distributing a Meme on social media with my face and the words "Vote Conservative" indicating it is a quote from me. Canada’s conservatives have always been comfortable in the closet, but this is the first time one has been outed as a American citizen. Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mercer has won over 25 Gemini Awards for his top-rated CBC series’ The Rick Mercer Report, Made in Canada, and This Hour has 22 Minutes.Mercer also starred in Rick Mercer’s Talking to Americans, which was watched by millions, attracted attention across North America, and remains the highest-rated comedy special in Canadian history. Good, Burnaby firefighters make dramatic rescue at burning apartment, These are the most amazing Burnaby spots to watch salmon return, 78% spike in COVID-19 cases in Burnaby-New West health delivery area, Elections B.C. It just did not compute. So these are the main options before Canadians: Trudeau, a social progressive who legalized marijuana and loves the gays (if he wasn’t so enthusiastically straight he would marry a dude on principle) and won’t allow anyone to run for his party who does not support a woman’s right to choose. Latest Episode Series Finale. Here's why. At the risk of offending the three fringe parties (and the socialists of NDP) who have no chance of forming a government, let’s focus on the two men who are in contention to be prime minister: Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and leader of the Conservative party of Canada Andrew Scheer. Americans — who are no doubt paying close attention — can be forgiven for thinking our campaign has lacked a certain amount of drama. It has since been taken down but a screenshot is attached to this story.

Not so much. For starters, he is also an American citizen.

Rick Mercer Report » RMR on Facebook. Rick Mercer is a Canadian author and broadcaster. What do we do in the event of a yet-undeclared American war when the Canadian prime minister is drafted and ordered to work in the cafeteria on an aircraft carrier? The second photo, found in a school newsletter, suggested there was a pattern at work. Blogs: My daughter's not going back to school on Monday. On Tuesday, the Newfoundland … Opinion: My stomach turns seeing young people not social distancing, Opinion: How to ease a child's fears about COVID-19, The meme was posted on the Facebook page of the Burnaby North-Seymour Conservative Constituency Association. This can help fix that, Burnaby Conservative unreachable after months of interview requests. Or Scheer, who begrudgingly says he will respect the constitution to protect gays and lesbians under the law but whose faith means he cannot attend a pride picnic. Burnaby suspects caught on camera. He was that unheard-of creature, an American who is either embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. Please Stop. Rick Mercer is a Canadian author and broadcaster. Posted: 11/04/2018 9:57:52 AM In fifteen years this show has covered a lot of territory; a lot of hours in the van; a lot of hours in the sky. Eager observers of international affairs are perhaps aware of one candidate: Trudeau. The screenshot had been tweeted to Rick Mercer a few days ago by CPAC reporter Catherine Pope, but it wasn’t until today (Tuesday) that Mercer – who hosted his own CBC show for many years – responded on Twitter. During the debate Monday night Trudeau’s knees never buckled — despite multiple punches to the head, he seemed oblivious. This candidate did. In the end, we were left with irony — the greatest thing both leaders have going for them is that their opponent is underwhelming and not particularly liked. David Moscrop: What are Canada’s elections about? — Rick Mercer (@rickmercer) September 17, 2019 “Dear @AndrewScheer & good folks at @CPC_hq – Your candidate in Burnaby North Seymour is distributing a Meme on social media with my face and the words ‘Vote Conservative’ indicating it is a quote from me. One would think that this insanely devastating turn of events for the liberals would be great news for the conservatives. Not true. But not his co-workers, Blogs: B.C. Nobody had reported it. I hate to bring it up, but how can one not? In theory, being an American is not a bad thing — most Canadians think people with joint citizenship are simply lucky — but the weird thing is he never told anyone. Rick's Rant. On Monday, the NOW had a story about how Leung and the Burnaby North-Seymour Conservative Constituency Association posted a meme suggesting the death of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by walking off a cliff. For starters, he is also an American citizen, even registered for the draft. asks for patience with election results amid unprecedented mail-in ballots, Letter: Burnaby makes strides, but too many bike routes blocked, New Burnaby gym not honouring lower fees of old bankrupt gym: user, BC Parks putting staff ‘at risk’ with outdated safety procedures: Report, Half of decided voters favour BC NDP ahead of election day: poll, Mega-development The Grove moving past first phase in Burnaby approvals process, COVID infections in B.C.


He is an international liberal superstar who we now know has a penchant for blackface.

Gaffes, distractions — and real issues. You can, Fashion giant to close Burnaby store in Metropolis at Metrotown as company collapses, Opinion: ‘Karen’ in Burnaby ‘stunned’ city didn’t remind her to pay taxes, Burnaby man doused with hot coffee says Metrotown ‘increasingly unsafe’, Opinion: Selfish Burnaby diners demand ‘free’ food from struggling eateries, Opinion: North Burnaby Conservatives posted an awful Trudeau death meme, repeatedly refused to respond to messages from the media. It’s a skill he has always had — oblivious to blows to the head. 1:40. Your support is vital to helping us provide free local news. #WhoAreThesePeople?

Much to the embarrassment of Canadian journalists, it had been there for years, visible from space. Madness. This was a new one. All fake. The fact that the picture was in a high school yearbook, hiding in plain sight, was baffling. this week on the mercer report: Rick celebrates the country and takes a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the past fifteen seasons on the one hour series finale. SCREENSHOT, Letter: Not enough people vote. Pure Canadiana: Retro faves you can stream on CBC Gem;


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