aurelia hammerlock arc

When damaged, it will randomly shock nearby enemies.

Best parts:     Hyperion or Torgue Grip, Damage prefix (Win-Win) or Double Projectile prefix (Redundant), element Critical hits have 100% chance to freeze targets with ranged and melee while wielding the weapon. Anshin shields that offer Elemental resistances according to the last element typ you were hit with, as well as a HP boost. It has no recoil at all, and and the ADS burst-fire count is very high. Description:    Hey, nice work, again. The Tortoise comes with a movement speed penalty of 50% when charged and a speed boost of 150% when depleted. Best parts: ###A quick excursion on crit bonuses Freeze Chance (+46%), Cryo Damage (+48%), Shield Capacity (+11657) Pangolin shields with extremely high capacity at the cost of a health penalty. If you know about chest lootable legendaries from this list, please let us know!
also drops from Badass enemies in the Badass round, ###Anarchist Shotguns are excellent for element matching and/or crit bonuses on frozen targets for medium to close combat oriented builds. The recharge rate is rather low, but can be fixed with a com such as the Erdidian Vanquisher, making it recharge almost as fast as purple shields. Elements:              TPS player characters were meant to become villains, except for Claptrap, again. ADS recommended. Specialized COMs can work superbly for certain builds while being utterly useless else. So if there’s any mention of the Crit types, you’ll know where to put them. An excellenet COM that again can work well with any tree, although the boosts suggest that it works best with the Cold Money tree. Comes with a 7.5% Type B crit bonus. Creme de la Creme boosts only skills from the middle tree. I agree there are some inconsistencies here, but her death finished off all of the TPS characters, except for Claptrap, again, and presumably Timothy, as there’s a strong argument that it wasn’t him in BL2 that we killed. It has an innate 50% Type A crit bonus, and will receive another 10% Type A crit with the right stock. Looking for some feedback here again, what to add, what to modify, what to maybe remove. Low capacity Tediore shield with 0s recharge delay. Wait for it… stacks can also be maxed very quickly by shooting off target with a Vladof sniper. Maliwan grenades that release up to 8 seeking child grenades upon detonation. It’s the same for Jakobs, but with a Jakobs grip instead of Torgue; the stock remains the same. Generally Aurelia’s skill set benefit from fast recharging shields.

I’ll add my subjective impressions to gear that I’ve used extensively so far and await corrections or additions from the community. Snipers make excellent main guns for Aurelia due to all her boosts from the Huntress tree. Upon throwing, a single grenade is releast that travels along an almost straight line, but can be intercepted by other targets or obstructions that move into its way. It gets an increased Type A critical hit bonus of 175% instead of the 100% when scoped, resulting in 5.5x the damage listed on the card before element matching and other crit modifiers. Has a 25% Type A crit bonus and gets 100% Explosive Splash Damage. A Torgue shotgun with very high damage and a huge number of pellets, that deals 85% Explosive Splash damage on hit. Only the Best / Large Caliber / Quality not Quantity. BLTPS was cool, unfortunately it didn’t get as much DLC love as BL2 and BL1 after the studio was shut down, which also especially made some season pass buyers very angry. (No oranges / uniques),, Lvl 70 yellow glitch effect in the Holodome, Lvl 70 Felicity fight with Sham, Logan’s Gun and Badaboom, Lvl 70 IVF vs Laser Disker reload throw damage on Self-Loathing and Despair, Lvl 70 mobbing at the Titan Robot Factory, Unable to fire the Striker with 9/5 in Large Caliber, Lvl 70 Mobbing at the Titan Robot Factory, Lvl 70 Mobbing at the Hyperion Hub of Heroism, Lvl 70 mobs get themselves frozen on Tediore shield, Lvl 70 mobs get themselves frozen on Naught shield, Lvl 70 long range sniping with the Rerouter, Lvl 70 Mobbing with the Cryo Transfusion at the Titan Robot Factory, Lvl 70 Sentinel fight, leeching health from his shields, Lvl 70 Comparison between Damage and Recoil prefix Droogs & Mobbing at the Cluster Pandora. ###Shields. When lacking a good adaptive shield during boss fights, these can do a good job providing defense too. And a Jakobs does 260% type A crit and 280% type A crit with the crit prefix. ##Honorable Mentions          World drop, Grinder, ###T4s-R Only the Best / Warning Shot / Wait for it…. How was she written wrong though exactly?                 
If someone has newer data, please do share! ###Anarchist A Vladof sniper rifle with high fire rate and fairly high base damage but some increased recoil.

also drops from Badass enemies in the Badass round.

make game play video footage of some more items: Juggernaut oz kit (maybe show one hit stomping trash mobs? Comes with 7.5% Type B crit modifier. its as if shes always been like this and would do anything for cash, no matter who stands in her way. Jakobs class mods that boosts three low to mid tier 3 skills. Obtaining:      World drop, Grinder. An excellenet allround COM with no real weaknesses that will perform well no matter which tree you focus on, and the spike gives additional crowd control. Looking forward to some feedback. Consumes 2 ammo per shot. That seems pretty inline with her character. Low Capacity Tediore shields with very short recharge delay (usually under 1.5s) and instant recharge rate (usually 1.7x the capacity), making them great for triggering Prudent Prudence, Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil almost everytime you get hit. Does superb damage when matching elements with Aurelia’s cryo skills. Definitely better reload throw damage than an IVF on frozen targets. Good synergy with a Skullmasher, since the two missing skills are triggered when just one of its 6 projectiles misses. [Shotgun parts]. This com offers the highest damage potential on unshielded targets that can even surpaass the on  element matching bonus[*]. Bullets split into 2 after a certain distance and always inflict 80% of the base damage as splash damage. Very low recoil for a beam laser. no she’s already rich she’s not a char who desires money in a blood thirsty manner meaning they did a complete 180 on her char archtype she’s not a villain just a btch. ! Fire rate is mediocre, and ammo consumption of 3 ammo per shot is not ideal for extended fights. Slam Damage (+43%), Gun Damage (+43%), Critical Damage (+43%)

Obtaining:      Possible reward for completing any of the round of the [Holodome Onslaught][2]. While they underperform on Aurelia in mobbing situations, they are still useful for boss encounters where there’s no need for crowd control via Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil is necessary, but rather a solid defense. Dahl class mod that boosts three low tier skills. [Rocket Launcher parts]. I had been really hoping…, Never played the pre sequel because I heard it was rather meh compared to other borderlands games.

A Jakobs assault rifle with the Vladof spinnigun barrel. Damage prefix is always 10% damage and crit prefix is 20% crit, right? Its damage can chain to nearby enemies.

In no particular order: I had a level 42 Reserved Gentry (Purple) Mod that lasted me will into the middle 50s which I didn’t really want to let go of as it was pretty superb. This is a community guide, so if you don’t see something on here that you think should be, post your recommendation. They’re glory seeking treasure hunters. Hyperion or Torgue Grip, Damage prefix (Win-Win) or Double Projectile prefix (Redundant), element, Possible reward for completing any of the round of the [Holodome Onslaught][2].

It deals 90% Explosive Splash damage on hit. Best parts: Torgue Gripm, Torgue exhaust, Tediore sight; Damage (derp) or Swap speed (fwap a) prefix Especially on the Sniper variant, the Recoil Reduction helps immensely with most Jakobs and Vladof snipers. Now im curious…. version will profit greatly from the Cold Money tree and cryo focused class mods. ADS recommended. Hold up. I agree.

Does superb damage when matching elements with Aurelia’s cryo skills. Especially considering we were supposed to keep all the VHs alive for some war that was set up by the writers then forgottened, The title had me interested, but trying to read the OP hurts my head…. As an exorbitantly wealthy socialite, she has taken up the hobby of hunting, traveling the galaxy to seek dangerous creatures to kill as well as making her brother's life even more miserable.

To be fair, that does look pretty good. Very long recharge delay (almost 8s), that can be partially fixed by the Data scrubber Grenade and the COMs and skills mentioned earlier. Thanks. All information about drop location and farming. Unlike other railguns, it fires 3 beams in a tight triangular spread at the cost of 7 ammo, that pierce enemies. A unique elemental Vladof Assault rifle with high fire rate and good base damage, that fires bullets in a high arc. ###Invader Even my sniper build hit the “Cold Money” capstone before she fully specced out “I Never Miss” :-/. how dare they choose what their own characters do/act/die. Large Caliber / I Never Miss / Frost Bite / Cold Advance / Quality Not Quantity. Great FFYL tool.

Its high elemental chance is applied to each of the 3 beams, increasing the overall elemental effect chance. The Hail has 200% Type A, 0% Type B and 20% Type C modifier, which results in following if not counting in the Crit bonuses from class mods, luneshines, crit on cryo bonus and skills: The Hammer Buster II has 50% Type A, 15% Type B and 0% Type C modifier, which results in following if not counting in the Crit bonuses from class mods and skills: And one last: a Snider with crit prefix and crit luneshine has 120% + 10% Type A crit, resulting in. Note that if not all 6 projectiles land, it will trigger miss skills in Aurelia’s Huntress tree and reset all I never miss stacks. And, she even describes how much she’d love to have her own cult worshipping her.


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