atonement part 3 summary

everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Atonement. Marcus Jastrow, A Dictionary of the Targumim, The Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature, 2 vols. Briony, for the first time, is able to see the loneliness that her testimony imposed upon Cecilia’s life. 29:6). Briony notices a growing unease at the hospital where she …

Part One takes place in 1935; Parts Two and Three take place in 1940 as World War II rages.
Her lunch with Fiona a few weeks ago feels that way, let alone that fateful night in 1935.
Despite these moments of self pity, Briony tries to fulfill her role as a nurse, the one she has trained for, but the scene is too chaotic for her. The men whom Briony attempts to lead to beds do not even "seem to be aware of her existence" confirming her subconscious fears of complete anonymity and lack of identity. That is not the way it really is, and it is not what we want—and it is not what God wants. Briony’s work in nursing has stripped her of still more innocence and naiveté, and she is increasingly aware of how her life has changed after spending a week face-to-face with the casualties of war. Paul’s high social class likely shielded him from suspicion. Order has been restored and Briony is invisible.

Even the bride does not "appear to be a victim" like she had hoped for, and this time, the temple offers some sort of serenity instead of threat to Lola. Part Four: London, 1999 Summary and Analysis, Part Three: Pages 270-297 Summary and Analysis. Robbie and Cecilia escort Briony to the subway station. Those on stretchers have all been taken inside, much to Briony’s relief, but there are two hundred wounded men who need to be moved inside in order to get medical care. Briony did not speak at the wedding, but her surprise visit to Cecilia indicates she wants to try to fix what she has broken. Some soldiers are worse than others, and a lot of the narrative in this section is extremely graphic about the horrors of war. Robbie then instructs Briony on exactly what she needs to do if she is serious and sincere about her search for “atonement.” Robbie tells Briony to go to her parents and let them know that she knowingly falsely accused Robbie of raping Lola.

There is a Rolls Royce outside the chapel proving Paul’s financial success as a result of the war, and the ceremony inside is very private and small.

She can’t take her story back. She cannot challenge the marriage because she is too constrained by the narrative of Robbie’s villainy that has been unchallenged for years, a narrative that she created. Probationary Nurse Briony Tallis would like to be consoled once more by thoughts that it might not happen, but it is about to happen.

Behold, what will these things testify against you? Ideas why Briony misunderstands? At one point, she leads a battalion of wounded soldiers to a vacant ward and tries to follow the procedures she has been taught. With the loss of the temple and its sacrifices, teshuvah was interpreted as a “turning” or “returning” to the way of righteousness, requiring both remorse and reparation for one’s sinful ways. The magazine’s encouraging rejection letter is a symbol that Briony has matured significantly, but still has a long way to go before she is fully ready to confront the significance of her actions as a 13-year-old.

Cecilia is not happy to see her, but she allows her to come in.


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