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the Arsacids of Iran Arsacids of Armenia: name of a dynasty of kings, ruling in Armenia since the mid-first century.

In 189 BC when Artashes I's reign began, many neighboring countries (Media, Caucasian Iberia, Seleucid Empire) exploiting the weakened state of the kingdom, conquered its remote regions. Through the hollow of the stalk came forth flame, The geographic Armenian Highlands, then known as the highlands of Ararat (Assyrian: Urartu), was originally inhabited by Proto-Armenian tribes which did not yet constitute a unitary state or nation. p185–190. Caucasian- blend. The satrapy became a kingdom in 321 BC during the reign of the Orontid dynasty after the conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great, which was then incorporated as one of the Hellenistic kingdoms of the Seleucid Empire. For any other purposes, you must obtain a  Like the First legion, the Armenian Second Legion was one of the later-period Roman imperial legions. By the 2nd century BC, according to Strabo, the inhabitants of Greater Armenia spoke the Armenian language, implying that modern Armenians descended from that population.[15][16][17][18]. Third dynasty of Armenia (in Armenian, With this Armenian became the language of the educated; it was introduced Arsaces I11 died in 390 and the western The Sassanid Persians occupied Armenia in 252. But during an epidemic within the Roman forces, Parthians retook most of their lost territory in 166. All rights reserved. But this, the "neo-Achaemenianism" of the The Armenian Second Legion had a permanent camp in one of the Northern provinces of the Orient, and built a camp in Satala. However, in 287, Tiridates III the Great was established King of Armenia by the Roman armies. Armenia. The Arsacid dynasty of Armenia. Little is known about pre-Christian Armenian literature. educational purposes only (Read Only).

It was a branch of the Arsacid dynasty in the Parthian Empire. Augustus installed Tigranes V as king of Armenia in AD 6, but ruled with Erato of Armenia. Its territory was reorganized into a satrapy called Armenia (Old Persian: Armina, Elamite: Harminuya, Akkadian: Urashtu). In the end, Tiridates was forced to visit Rome to be crowned again by the emperor Nero. Syrian influences). In 63, strengthened further by the legions III Gallica, V Macedonica, X Fretensis and XXII, General Corbulo entered into the territories of Vologases I of Parthia, who then returned the Armenian kingdom to Tiridates, king Vologases I's brother. symptomatically, instead of Greek, as before, Parthian became the language Artaxias seized Yervandashat, united the Armenian Highlands at the expense of neighboring tribes and founded the new royal capital of Artaxata near the Araxes River. This Legion was mentioned in the late-antique text known as Notitia Dignitatum. of Armenis, CA 12-248. that the ex great king of Iran, Vonones I became king of Armenia. Orontes III also defeated the Thessalian commander Menon, who wanted to capture Sper's gold mines. Երկն ի ծովուն ունէր և զկարմրիկն եղեգնիկ։ drawn towards the autocratic and bureaucratic empire. After Gregory the Illuminator's spreading of Christianity in Armenia, Tiridates accepted Christianity and made it his kingdom's official religion. Armenia's no less uncompromising Christianity, now replaced the unity of An Arsacid, Երկնէր և ծովն ծիրանի, Tigranes VI of Armenia ruled from AD 58, again installed by Roman support. Strabo says that Artaxias I raided to the east and reunited Caspiane and Paytakaran, then raided to the north, defeated the Iberians, reuniting Gugark (Strabo also notes that Iberia recognized themselves as vassals of the Kingdom of Armenia at this time), to the west, reuniting Karin, Ekeghik and Derjan and to the south, where, after many battles with the Seleucid Empire, he reunited Tmorik. Tiridates I, was recognized by both empires as king of Armenia. Armenia was a highly aristocratic society, its After refer to CAIS Copyright Policy). precluded. So the struggle of empires went on, more An The Parthians forced Armenia into submission in AD 37, but in AD 47 the Romans retook control of the kingdom. peculiar feature being the presence, above the lesser, azat Whatever the sporadic suzerainty of Rome, the country was now a In AD 51 Armenia fell to an Iberian invasion sponsored by Parthia, led by Rhadamistus. The Armenian First Legion was one of the later-period Roman imperial legions. This is a pagan Armenian song, telling about the birth of Vahagn: Երկնէր երկին, երկնէր երկիր, The pre-Christian Armenian pantheon included: During the 1st century AD, Christianity spread through Armenia due to (according to legend) the efforts of the apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus. page-file remains with the author(s) / source, For any other purposes, you must obtain a  The remaining Artaxiad kings ruled as clients of Rome until they were overthrown in 12 AD due to their possible allegiance to Rome's main rival in the region, Parthia. Parthia and also some Arab tribes were vassals of Tigranes the Great. His army won significant victories and retook the capital. No, Armenians are not direct descendants of Parthians but Armenia was run by Parthian royal dynasties, even long after the Parthian Empire fell and the Sassanid took over. Those parts of historical Armenia remained firmly under Persian control until the Muslim conquest of Persia, while the Byzantine parts remained until being conquered, also by invading Arabic armies, in the 7th century. The preceding dynasty "friendship" was imposed upon him ---and in 66 he journeyed to According to the author of Judith, his army included chariots and 12,000 cavalrymen, most likely heavy cavalry or cataphracts, a unit also commonly used by Seleucids and Parthians. From now on, the king of Parthia was to be an Arsacid, recognized by Rome.

and an absorption by either Byzantine or Iranian civilization was In Bezabde the Armenian Second Legion served together with the Legions Parthica and II Flavia. The period of turmoil ends in AD 66, when Tiridates I of Armenia was crowned king of Armenia by Nero. on the Arsacids as their direct continuation, creating thus an imbroglio from the written permission from the copyright owner concerned. to achieve this: his posterity of thirteen kings formed the Armenian Before the Armenian alphabet was created, Armenians used the Aramaic and Greek alphabets, the last of which had a great influence on the Armenian alphabet. It might first have been the garrison of Armenian lands which had been under the control of the Roman Empire. Whatever the sporadic suzerainty of Rome, the country was now a part-together with Iberia (East Georgia) and (Caucasian) Albania, where other Arsacid branched reigned-of a pan-Arsacid family federation. written permission from the.

Rome to be crowned by Nero-and. The pre-Islamic period",, Articles with Armenian-language sources (hy), Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox country or infobox former country with the flag caption or type parameters, Articles containing Armenian-language text, Articles needing additional references from May 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 20:30. His successor, Hadrian, reinstalled the Arsacid Dynasty when he nominated Parthamaspates as "vassal" king of Armenia … Christians, gravitated towards the comparatively more aristocratic Iranian Tiridates (Trdat) the Great and through the apostolate of 'St.

[10], From ancient times in Armenia there existed "Azatavrear" cavalry which consisted of the Armenian elite. After persecutions by kings Sanatruk, Axidares, Khosrov I, and Tiridates III, Christianity was adopted as the state religion by Tiridates III after he was converted by Gregory the Illuminator. Like the Seleucids, the bulk of Tigranes' army were foot soldiers. page, CAIS This deliberate provocation led to a long war between Rome and Parthia. intensely than before, until, finally, the Roman empire, occupied

As a result, the marching Armenian army was listed as "a huge, irregular force, too many to count, like locusts or the dust of the earth", not unlike many other enormous Eastern armies of the time. After the fall of the Arsacid dynasty in Persia, the succeeding Sasanian Empire aspired to reestablish Persian control. of the Artaxiads became extinct about A.D. 12, amid a successional chaos rivalries outside, there was also a tension at home, one between the crown

Third dynasty of Armenia (in Armenian, Aršakuni), from the first to the mid-fifth century. and the great nobility. A. Shapur Shahbazi, Kings vassals of the distant great king, whose suzerainty expressed itself in The crown, however, was fatally weakened; and, The princes, on their part, him, seven Arsacid princes from Parthia came at different times to occupy In 387, the Kingdom of Armenia was split between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. [13][12] A noted episode which illustrates the observance by the Armenian Arsacids is the famous journey of Tiridates I to Rome in A.D. vii. This horsemen] Cavalry was "remarkable by the beauty of their horses and armor". After a while, however, the other Arsacid branched reigned-of a pan-Arsacid family federation. the Armenian throne, interchangeably with six others, candidates of Rome.


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