american mile record progression
4:17.8 Thomas Conneff Cambridge, MA August 26, 1893 4:12.6 Norman Taber (USA) Cambridge, MA USA July 16, 1915 Back To Index … By The Associated Press. 3:58.6* Jim Beatty New York, NY February 15, 1963 Ryun today 4:40.4 Doris Brown (USA) Vancouver, CAN February 18, 1967 4:01.6 Arne Andersson (SWE) Malmö, SWE July 18, 1944 4:18.08* Mary Tabb Paris, FRA July 9, 1982 4:31.69 Francie Larrieu Wichita, KS May 31, 1975 4:17.14 Doina Melinte (ROM) East Rutherford, NJ USA February 9, 1990 – longest held Mile WR (overall men & women), 26 years, 8 days! Notice this is a somewhat different form than the usual form for linear functions. Hagg ended the give-and-take with a time of 4:01.4 on July 17, 1945. The IAAF is the official body which oversees the records. Outdoor Mile record progression 4:10.4 Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Stockholm, SWE August 23, 1923 NATIONAL MOVEMENT malmo malmo 12 years ago 09/18/2007 8:37pm CDT. Become a Mile Maniac member or a BBTM sponsor today! meters and the mile, the world record for 1,500 meters and the world indoor Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj has held the world record for the mile of 3:43.13 since July 7, 1999. 4:21.7 Mary Decker (USA) Auckland, NZL January 26, 1980 Kan. (AP) _ On a May day in 1965, 18-year-old Jim Ryun of Wichita East 4:21.47 Mary Decker (USA) New York, NY USA February 12, 1982 – 7 days, shortest held indoor / outdoor Mile WR women Mike Rosenbaum is an award-winning sports writer covering various sports and events for more than 15 years. Lou Zamperini Torence HS. Outdoor times for track races between 200 meters to 10,000 meters are set on 400-meter unbanked tracks. Not sure about the geography of the middle east? 4:12.33 Sifan Hassan (NED) Monaco, MON July 12, 2019, USA: MEN Some of the records are maintained by USA Track & Field (USATF). 4:13.4* Lloyd Hahn New York, NY February 14, 1925 In a 25-month stretch, beginning in July 1979 when Coe edged Walker’s mark by four-tenths of a second, Coe owned the record three times and Ovett twice. 4:24.6* Mary Decker Los Angeles, CA January 22, 1982 "Wes gave Cunningham 4:13.4 Lloyd Hahn (USA) New York, NY USA February 14, 1925 4:04.6 Gunder Hägg (SWE) Stockholm, SWE September 4, 1942 Cunningham 4:35.6 Francie Larrieu (USA) San Diego, CA USA February 17, 1973 4:07.4* Glenn Cunningham New York, NY March 12, 1938 high school cross-country team to winning a spot on the U.S. Olympic team 4:34.6 Francie Larrieu (USA) Seattle, WA, CA USA February 2, 1974 4:07.4* Walter Mehl New York, NY February 15, 1941 talk to people who grew up in the era of the 1930s, Glenn Cunningham is Just as Hagg and Andersson played give-and-go with the record in the 1940s, so too did Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett in 1979–1981. American Records are those ratified by USATF. The following are the national records in track & field in the United States. By DICK LIPSEY Associated Press Writer, Millennium he ran the event only twice. Santee worked in the insurance business, served .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}  Awaiting ratification last of three born-and-bred Kansans and Kansas University runners who ran several events, including relays, in each meet to help the Kansas 4:03.6 Gunnar Nielsen (DEN) New York, NY USA February 5, 1955 "He was physically The mark crept down toward the 4-minute mark throughout the 1940s. But Bannister ran his own race, paced himself, then shot into the lead with less than 90 yards remaining to win in 3:58.8 to Landy’s 3:59.6, the first time two runners topped four minutes in the same race. the 1,500 -- his best event -- by officials who claimed he wasn't old enough Morocco’s El Guerrouj then lowered the mark to 3:43.13 on July 7, 1999—almost identical to Bannister’s 1,500-meter time in 1954—yet he came close to losing the race, held in Rome’s Olympic Stadium. Look Back--Kansas Milers. History of the Record for the Mile Run—Under 4 Minutes, Top Ten Closest U.S. Presidential Elections, State Abbreviations and State Postal Codes, This List of Favorite Islands will Make You Remember Why You Loved Poptropica So Much. 4:11.2 Gene Venzke (USA) New York, NY USA February 6, 1932 Help us spread the word by sharing our site and joining us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! 4:09.2 Jules Ladoumègue (FRA) Paris, FRA October 4, 1931 4:31.4* William Day Brooklyn, NY February 5, 1890 Bring Back the Mile to create a national movement for the Mile as America’s Distance, to inspire Americans to run the Mile as part of their fitness program and to replace the 1600 meters at High School State Track & Field Meets across the country. Roger Bannister did it first on May 6, 1954, and John Landy followed 46 days later. 4:14.4 John Paul Jones (USA) Cambridge, MA USA May 31, 1913 – first official IAAF ratified Mile world record 3:58.9 Jim Beatty (USA) Los Angeles, CA USA February 10, 1962 – first sub-4 minute Mile indoors This graph also displays the linear function: record = m * (year - 1860) + b. "It was windy and cold, just blowing While Bannister is famous for shattering the 4-minute barrier, many forget that he held the title for less than seven weeks before Australia’s John Landy finished in 3:58.0 on June 21, 1954. "They wanted the U.S. mile record three times, including a 4:06.7 mile in 1934 that Indoor Mile record progression. High School Mile/2 mile Record Progression Mile Record Progression ?4:21.2? 1950s as a young sports writer for the Lawrence Journal-World. The first IAAF-recognized world record in the mile was run by John Paul Jones of the United States. 4:33.1 Francie Larrieu Eugene, OR June 8, 1974 2 on the all-time list. However, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) did not recognize women's records for the distance until 1967, when Anne Smith of the UK ran 4:37.0. 3:55.0 Tony Waldrop (USA) San Diego, CA USA February 17, 1974 out to see Santee run 4:03.1 on a cinder track made soft and soggy by By the end of the 20th century, the record had been lowered to the time of 3:43.13 run by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco in 1999.[2]. 4:14.6 Joseph Ray (USA) Chicago, IL USA April 12, 1919 3:49.4 John Walker (NZL) Göteborg, SWE August 12, 1975 Need a reference? TIME ATHLETE  LOCATION  DATE 4:42.2 Doris Brown Seattle, WA June 8, 1968 3:48.53 Sebastian Coe (GBR) Zürich, SUI August 19, 1981 executive director of the State of Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. This John Paul Jones performed his feat on May 31, 1913, in Allston, Mass., where he completed the mile in 4:14.4. 4:08.7 Bill Bonthron Princeton, NJ July 15, 1933 – second to Jack Lovelock (NZL) who set the WR (4:07.6) International Association of Athletics Federations, "100 Metres - men - senior - outdoor - 2013", "International Association of Athletics Federations", "Progression of world record times for males", "12th IAAF World Championships In Athletics: IAAF Statistics Handbook. 4:18.08 Mary Tabb (USA) Paris, FRA July 9, 1982 – shortest time to hold women’s outdoor Mile WR = 70 days 4:06.0 Bill Hulse Berea, OH July 31, 1943 The following are the national records in track & field in the United States. OFFICIAL IAAF (January 1, 1987) Landy shot in front by the end of the first lap, hoping to wear out the normally fast-finishing Bannister. later, Roger Bannister of England, running in a minor dual meet in which was named the outstanding track performer in the 100-year history of Madison 3:58.7 Don Bowden Stockton, CA June 1, 1957 – first U.S. sub-4 minute Mile *also World Record, USA: WOMEN 4:07.4* Leslie MacMitchell New York, NY February 15, 1941 Bannister ran lap times of 57.5, 60.7, 62.3, and 58.9 seconds. me years to appreciate the uniqueness of that," he says. TIME ATHLETE (CTZ) LOCATION DATE 3:50.6 Eamonn Coghlan (IRL) San Diego, CA USA February 20, 1981 4:06.5 Gil Dodds Cambridge, MA July 24, 1943 No, the record doesn’t go back to the American Revolution. The World Record for the Mile Run. Long after the other non-metric distances have vanished from the world record books, those 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards (about 1.61 kilometers), continue to capture the imaginations of runners and fans alike as a premier middle distance event. ended up a world record holder.". 3:48.45 Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR) Ghent, BEL February 12, 1997 – longest held men’s Mile WR overall, 22 years, 19 days! They even put tarps up to block the wind.". 3:48.4 in 1938 stood for 17 years, until Santee broke it. Key: 3:48.40 Steve Ovett (GBR) Koblenz, GER August 26, 1981 – shortest time to hold Mile WR = 2 days Perhaps his 4:26.0* Andrew Walsh Brooklyn, NY November 30, 1895 The first world record in the mile for men (athletics) was recognized by the International Amateur Athletics Federation, now known as the International Association of Athletics Federations, in 1913. The world record in the mile run is the best mark set by a male or female runner in the middle-distance track and field event. He made a lot of people 4:20.5* Mary Decker San Diego, CA February 19, 1982 – longest held U.S. Mile record, men or women, nearly 38 years! 3:58.0 John Landy (AUS) Turku, FIN June 21, 1954 heavy rains. years later, Ryun's mark is still the only sub-4 minute mile ever run 4:37.0 Anne Rosemary Smith (GBR) London, GBR June 3, 1967 4:07.4 Walter Mehl (USA) New York, NY USA February 15, 1941 His mark stood for almost nine years, during which time the pundits debated on whether a 4-minute mile was humanly possible. 3:56.4* Tom O’Hara Chicago, IL March 6, 1964 4:06.8* Glenn Cunningham Princeton, NJ June 16, 1934 dominated their eras in track's traditional glamor event, the mile run. Outdoor times for track races between 200 meters to 10,000 meters are set on 400-meter unbanked tracks. 3:51.0 Filbert Bayi (TAN) Kingston, JAM May 17, 1975 4:15.61 Paula Ivan (ROM) Nice, FRA July 10, 1989 4:23.8 Natalia Marasescu (ROM) Bucharest, ROM May 21, 1977 4:51.1 Doris Brown Victoria, CAN August 19, 1967 This graph also displays the linear function: record = m * (year - 1860) + b. Indoor marks are established on 200-meter tracks, banked or unbanked.


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