akbar son salim
Although he rebelled against his great father (Akbar) and remained in rebellion for years, he had done that under a wrong impulse and on the advice of his selfish companions and eventually realized his folly and made amends after he was in possession of the throne.

Although there are many views over the death of Anarkali, the most prominent are: 1. Jahangir was married to Manbai, the daughter of Raja Bhagwant Das. She was entitled Mariam-uz-Zamani after giving birth to Akbar's eldest surviving son, Prince Salim (the future emperor Jahangir). His account, written in early 17th-century English, gives the following information. He was buried in a beautiful garden at Shahdara near Lahore. Jahangir was rescued but died on 28 October 1627. His succession to the throne was supported by elderly ladies of the family such as Salima Sultan Begum and Ruqaiya Begum. However, when Shah Jahan refused to marry Ladli Begum in spite of Nur Jahan's command, she married her daughter off to Shahryar, who was more compliant than his brother. Jahangir adopted his father’s foreign policy both in Northern and Southern India.

He was respectful to his mother and other elderly members of his family. [citation needed]. For many years she wielded the imperial powers. The prince could not save her, though it is on record that he was so unhappy with his father in this year 1599 that he defied his orders and revolted. His mother, Jodha Bai, was a Jaipur princess. She carefully attended to the affairs of the state. As a mark of admiration, Akbar named his eldest son Salim.
Now it is one of the main tourist attractions of India. He rose rapidly through the ranks on merit. On the lower Mall Road, inside the grounds of the Punjab Secretariat, lies the tomb of Anarkali. The decision to marry her daughter, Ladli Begum (from her first husband), to Shah Jahan's younger brother, Shahryar, caused Shah Jahan's rebellion. It is recorded in Akbar Nama that Jahangir "became violently enamoured of the daughter of Zain Khan Koka. He gave her the title of Nur Mehal, "Light of the Palace", and later, Nur Jahan, "Light of the World". Jahangir established direct relations between the Mughal Government and the East India Company. He writes: "[it is] absolutely improbable that the grand Mughal emperor would address his married wife as yar, designate himself as majnun and aspire to see her face once again. He succeeded his father to the throne in 1605 A.D. His reign covers a period of twenty-three years (1605-1628 A.D.).


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