acknowledge in a sentence

Latest of all to acknowledge the impulse of the new departure have been the potters of Kaga. churlish not to acknowledge that progress has been made. Such were Ingimund the Old, Geirmund Hellskin, Thord Beardie (who had wed St Edmund's granddaughter,) Audun Shackle, Bryniulf the Old, Uni, to whom Harold promised the earldom of the new land if he could make the settlers acknowledge him as king (a hopeless project), and others by whom the north-west, north and east were almost completely " claimed.". Of course, both Michael Phelps and Speedo acknowledge that what makes him a champion is a combination of talent, skill and discipline. For the latter they have nothing but condemnation, but the former they acknowledge as part of the divine order of the state, while the y complain that the priests have prostituted their office for lucre. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Memon did not acknowledge his son or his words. Acknowledge sentence examples. waneth grain and fruit harvests have been gathered as we give thanks for our harvest and acknowledge the waning power of the Sun. We fully acknowledge that the traditional treatment of osteofibrous dysplasia has been a conservative approach. He refused to acknowledge his victorious riyal, Rudolph of Habsburg, and urged the pope to adopt a similar attitude, while the new king claimed the Austrian duchies. The most important thing you need to do is acknowledge your stress and find help with holiday diet tips. He can fool himself into believing his true love is more than she might be and refuse to acknowledge the truth even when forced to face it.
", The outcome of the Committee's work was the great Protest, signed by 1500 bishops, priests and leading laymen, in which the loyalty of Catholics to the crown and constitution was strenuously affirmed and the ultramontane point of view repudiated in the startling declaration, " We acknowledge no infallibility in the pope. Julie Morgenstern.

I acknowledge the existence of two kinds of quality that a museum has. to acknowledge his brother Charles as legitimate king of Great Britain, but his efforts were defeated, chiefly through the adverse influence of Cardinal Alessandro Albani, who was bitterly opposed to the Stuart cause.

Palaeologus wished the pope to acknowledge his title to be emperor of the East, and in return promised submission to the papal supremacy and the union of the two churches on the pope's own terms. While neither the party nor the gifts are required, gifts can be a nice way to acknowledge a couple's new relationship. 3 a : to express gratitude or obligation for acknowledge a gift. Having at length received an intimation from London that the queen " could not acknowledge the independence of her own subjects, but that the trade of the emigrant farmers would be placed on the same footing as that of any other British settlement, upon their receiving a military force to exclude the interference 1 Commonly called the Republic of Natalia or Natal. "The Devil is an ass, I do acknowledgeit". Nay. confessio, from confiteor, acknowledge, confess), a term meaning in general the admission and acknowledgment that one has done something which otherwise might remain undisclosed, especially the acknowledgment of guilt or wrong-doing, either in public or to somebody specially entitled to such knowledge. The natives have adopted many customs of white civilization, and on the Aleutians, and in coastal Alaska, and in scattered regions in the interior acknowledge Christianity under the forms of the Orthodox Greek or other churches. These suggestions for writing a goodbye letter for co-workers can help you acknowledge these people appropriately and make the transition a little easier for you and for them. She didn't acknowledge his order but headed toward the stairs. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Acknowledge" in Example Sentences Page 1. Teen suicide is preventable if a loved one takes the time to acknowledge the suffering adolescent. But in spite of all this we are forced to acknowledge that, as a master of what we may perhaps call "narrative history," he has no superior in antiquity; for, inferior as he is to Thucydides, to Polybius, and even to Tacitus in philosophic power and breadth of view, he is at least their equal in the skill with which he tells his story. had not succeeded in regaining the full power of his predecessors, he felt again assuming the title king of kingswbich Pompey declined to acknowledge and even in proclaiming himself as god (Phlegon, Jr. 12 ap. Members also share AMC photos and acknowledge birthdays. During the medieval era of internecine strife the Buddhist priests were the sole depositaries of literary talent, and seeing that, from the close of the 14th century, the ShintO mime (Kagura) was largely employed by the military class to invo,~ce or acknowledge the assistance of the gods, the monks of Buddha set themselves to compose librettos for this mime, and the performance, thus modified, received the name of NO. On the 10th of July 1460 Henry was taken prisoner at Northampton, and forced to acknowledge York as heir, to the exclusion of his own son.


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