60 minutes episodes 2020

Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," has contributed to 60 Minutes since 2006. Skip To Main Content ... Joaquin Phoenix: The 60 Minutes interview . Anderson Cooper: Or graduating to their parents' couch? Anderson Cooper: Is this about corporate responsibility, doing the right thing, being altruistic? Anderson Cooper: Yeah. Dave Friedman: Yeah. Front row, left to right, Brennen Novak, Phillip Mitchell, and Erik Rolan. Anderson Cooper: It's a lot of very small detailed information. Watch 60 Minutes Full Episodes video on CBSNews.com. I can't even count. Rate. Ep 37 Operation Atlantis, The Last Laugh. Anderson Cooper: How did that feel to get so many rejections?

Like, I'm not holding onto any of that information so I'm constantly having to refer back to the original. Current Episode (aired 18 Oct. 2020 ) Episode #53.6. Do you have any advice for them? September 20, 2020. Ernst & Young has used this technique to hire dozens of employees with autism who work around the world in fields like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity. Keivan Stassun: Dan may be too modest to tell you, but he is // the inventor of record of this platform. Brennen Novak: It's just been nice to be able to go home and talk to my parents about what I did during the day. 2 MIN. Rate. Anderson Cooper: Do you remember getting your first paycheck? Doing a television interview can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but for people with autism, it's potentially overwhelming. No matter where they are on the spectrum, many adults with autism have a difficult time finding a job. For 10 minutes he assembled a series of increasingly complex block patterns. 53 MIN. Many adults with autism have a hard time finding a job, but more companies are discovering the unique skills and potential people with autism offer. Matt Friedman: Yeah. He oversaw hundreds of employees checking the accuracy of advertisements in newspapers.

© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". Rate. I completed the puzzles, but Dan did them faster and was more efficient. Whereas--, Maithilee Kunda: Yeah, it's very interesting--. Anderson Cooper: At this point my head is hurting. 47 MIN. Year: 2020. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. Even making it past a first interview can be challenging. I feel like there are a lot of strengths to being on the spectrum. Anderson Cooper: My mind is a sieve, essentially. At the global accounting firm Ernst & Young, they've scrapped the traditional interview process for applicants with autism.

Edited by Daniel J. Glucksman. Season 53, Episode 1. They're creating computer-simulated job interviews, specially designed driving challenges and a block design test to help a company assess a potential employee's visual problem-solving abilities. Keivan Stassun: I brought him on board with my astrophysics research group originally because we were dealing with these massive amounts of data from space telescopes.

Brian Evans: For me, having a job is important because it provides me with much-needed structure in my life.


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